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Why You Should Have Company Branding

Every business has a brand even if it doesn’t act like it. The brand is reflected by the look, feel and tone of voice of your website and marketing collateral. It can also be reflected in the way your staff communicate and deal with customers.Brand standards are a set of guidelines that provides the colours, graphics, logo specs and fonts that comprise your brand. They’re the glue that holds your brand together and help to create and protect your company’s brand identity.

Once they’re established, it’s imperative that all employees understand and uphold them. Many firms invest a considerable amount of human and capital resources into developing a solid brand with a unique logo and brand identity, only to see them diluted along the way.


Ensure One Voice

From speeches by top executives to every day communication materials, your brand voice should be communicated clearly and consistently in every channel your customer encounters. Defining a set of key messages you want your organisation to convey helps ensure your people are providing a consistent representation of your brand. Your team want the company to do well so it also helps create team spirit as you all work to convey your message to your clients.


Consistent Marketing Messages

Having a brand standards guide that is strictly enforced throughout the company creates consistency, which in turn creates brand recognition amongst clients and prospects. One of the most important elements that should be defined is a logo specifications guide. This document gives strict instruction on how the logo is to be used and not used. No one should ever be able to adjust the look of your logo. The company branding guidelines should also identify a primary set of Pantone colours to use for the majority of your communication materials.


Guidance for Designers

This makes it easy for your designers to know what they can and cannot do so should also save you time and money. It will ensure that there is a unified look throughout all the marketing materials helping convey the same message as your employees are and increase brand recognition.


We hope this has helped you see that company branding guidelines are one of the most important documents your company can have. If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us on 01702 462667 or email us at

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