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Why You Need Both A Domain Name And Website Hosting

We have discussed what is meant by a domain name and what is meant by website hosting. Now you are educated on what they are, it is time to discuss why you need both in order to for your website to thrive.

Here is quick summary of each:

Domain name= the physical address of your site that people will type into the browser’s URL bar in order to visit your website.

Website hosting= the place where all the files of your website are kept and maintained so that the site is always live.

The domain name and website hosting service work together in order for websites to be created and live on the internet. Without a domain name you cannot form a live site, without a web hosting service you cannot have your website on the internet- you cannot have one without the other, you need both. The answer as to why you need both is simple, if you want a website where users can find you, you need to invest in both services. Here at 07 Heaven, we can offer a variety of options depending on your needs- Already have a domain name but need a hosting provider? Not happy with your hosting provider and want to switch? Need help buying a domain name? Want to be educated on the process of buying a domain name and hosting?

FYI: You can buy a domain name and web hosting service separately, but you will need to edit the DNS settings. Therefore if you buy both from the same business you will not need to change domain name settings. This makes your site much easier to manage and renew when both services are under the same dashboard.

It is important to know not all companies provide both services or will educate you throughout, therefore make sure to properly research a company before purchasing.

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