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Why Are My Website Leads Not Converting?

Have you got leads coming through your website, but they are not converting into paying clients?

Only getting one sale off of new clients then not hearing from them about other services?

This is a common and very costly mistake for businesses- both young and old.

In a previous blog post we went over the start of how to get your website to be the best marketer and your top sales person. Now that you are getting results we can look at what can be done to increase those results and increase the spend of those new clients and answer the "Why are my website leads not converting?" once and for all...

Your Website is not Optimised for Use

So you have website visitors and they are active on your website, but not coming through to the forms or picking up the phone. First thing we need to do is to review the activity on your website on Google Analytics or ideally hubspot software.

  • Look at the pages that are being visited and the journeys that the visitors are taking on your website.
  • Look at the demographics, are they matching up with that ideal client that we thought about before?

The reasons for why people are doing this is important. 

  • If they are getting to a page and then dropping off, why is that and how can you stop it?
  • Does the page need a form for them to get in contact?
  • Does it need another step to help convince people further
  • Are you offering the right thing on those pages to entice the visitors to give you that information

After plugging up the drop offs, we need to make sure that there is a journey of the website.

  • What emails are sent once they have got in contact with you?

There needs to be a different approach between dealing with the curious client enquiry and the ready to buy client enquiry as these are different stages.

There is a Lack of Trust 

Unless you are a well known brand or well established company, these new visitors may not know who you are. Establishing trust is really important in both the online and offline interaction.

How Can I Remedy This?

Emails are a great way to turn this around. Make sure the emails are templates that allow for some personalisation and make sure you answer the questions they have and encourage further discussion.

Most business decision makers are busy people and may not notice your first email, so make sure you have a few different emails ready to make sure you get that response to continue the conversation.

There is a Lack of Aftercare

Once people have bought from you, think of the aftercare of that client. Is there some content on your website that will help them get the most from your product or service? Is there information they need to keep them updated on changes to the product or service they have got from you?

During this stage, it might be appropriate to inform them of other complimentary services, which is great. If it has not, don’t just leave it, in a non-intrusive way, make sure you let them know about the other services that you provide that are connected and, if they do not connect, but the client could use them, let them know.

Using the same methods from the previous blog post, showing them you are an authority on that area, that you understand their issues and you have the answers to their questions. Now you have the email address and understand a bit more about their business so make sure that you personalise the content you use with them. 

These 2 posts are basic overviews that should help you dip your toe into the water with Inbound Marketing and Growth Driven Design. If you would like to discuss in more detail then please read some more of our blogs, give us a call on 01702 410663 or use the live chat on the bottom right.

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