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What Is Google AdWords Express?

What Is Google AdWords Express?


Do you know what is meant by search engine advertising? If not, here is a quick rundown.

This is essentially when you pay to appear at the topic of a search list. Your website will appear with a green ad icon underneath the URL. These ads appear when a certain search term is used by the user to which your business relates to. For example, we may appear when ‘Marketing Agency Southend’ is searched as it correlates with our business and is a commonly-searched term.


The most commonly used search engine is Google, therefore they created a tool in order for businesses to create search engine adverts, this is called Google AdWords. However, the tool is complicated and is best used by marketing professionals as it requires a developed understanding of advertising and the process required.

Therefore, to allow those with little to no advertising knowledge to pursue search engine advertising, Google created Google Adwords Express. This is aimed to completely strip back the process to become simple, quick and easy to use for ANYONE.

The main benefits of Google Adwords Express are as follows:

  • - Quick to create and start online advertising- Google is able to manage where and when your ads appear. They strategise your adverts, knowing what keywords to rank for in order to best get customers to your website, providing ongoing maintenance to ensure throughout its time it is able to complete the desired outcome.
  • - Tell your brand story- All you need to enter is a Header, Subheader and short Description, once written Google takes care of the rest!
  • - Make your brand stand out against your competitors- By being at the top of search results and having the green icon against your name you will most likely be clicked on through to your site. Your website should be able to convert visitors, the ad helps to get searchers there in the first place.
  • - You only pay for results- You can add a budget to your ad, but payment will only be taken when a user clicks through to your site or calls you through the ad.

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