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What is a thank you page and why you should use them?

What is a thank you page?

A thank you page is the webpage a visitor is redirected to immediately after completing a form on a landing page. A thank you page acts as the final step in converting a website visitor into a lead.

HubSpot have done an excellent job in defining "what is a thank you page" in less than 100 words. Why not take a look? 


What is on a thank you page?

A thank you page should firstly consist of some form of thank you message directed at the visitor who has downloaded your content. After that they are some best practices that you can follow:

Above the fold

Above the fold is the content the user first sees when they land on the thank you page. This is generally the area of the screen visible without having to scroll up or down. It is roughly the top 600 pixels. These best practices are to be included in this section of the thank you page:

  • Include a thank you message.
  • Include a button that makes the requested item easily accessible.
  • Direct the visitor to other areas of your site that will provide additional value to them.

what is a thank you page above fold

Below the fold

Below the fold refers to the part of the webpage that is not initially visible when you load a website. It is essentially the rest of the page, removing the "above the fold". Best practices for below the fold include:

  • Provide additional calls-to-action
  • Encourage social sharing among the visitor’s peers and colleagues.

what is a thank you page below fold


Why you should use thank you pages…

Thank you pages are traditionally the last step in the lead conversion process. They are a brilliant tool in further developing the relationship with your lead. Check out some reason why you should be using thank you pages:

  • Thank you pages help nurture the lead that has just been converted from your landing page.
  • They act as a resource that allows you to redirect your visitor to other parts of your website that add additional value in their buying process.
  • They act as a resource to promote additional offers across your site.
  • Thank you pages can promote your social media channels increasing brand awareness.


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