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What Is A Domain Name?

Essentially, a domain name is singular or multiple easy to remember words that talk to the DNS server of the website we want to visit. A DNS server is a Domain Name Server which
translates the ‘name’ to an IP address so that the internet can read the site.

If you are asking yourself, do I need a website domain name? The answer is simple, yes.

Domain names aim to make every server a memorable and easy-to-spell address such as The domain name hides the IP address which people will never be interested in nor remember, therefore a name simplifies this process for visitors. For example, an IP address would look something like, as you can see this would not be ideal as a form of marketing as nobody would be able to recall the numbers when searching for the business. A domain name is one way of making your website work for you. This is why domain names are SOOO important in your marketing planning. 

When you access a site by using the domain name, the browser will communicate with the DNS server to find out the IP address of that website. By getting this information, the browser can then communicate directly with the web server using the IP address.

Some examples of domain names are as follows:


There are 3 parts of a domain name which must be used for it to be a fully qualified domain name. ‘Machine name’ is often www., the ‘mid-level name’ is the personalised name which you want to replace the IP address, and the ‘top-level domain’ is the extension at the end which dictates where the site is based or what it is about.

For example:

Our ‘machine name’ is www. Our ‘mid-level name’ is 07HeavenDesign. Our ‘top-level domain’ is

It is important to know a domain name is NOT a URL. A URL will be more specific to either the page you are on, specific folder and file on the server, the machine name, and the protocol language. The domain name will be a part of the URL. For example, is the full URL, whereas the domain name is only 

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