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What Is A CMS And Why Do You Need One?

CMS stands for a Content Management System. A CMS allows you to update content on your website, without requiring knowledge of HTML or coding. Therefore, removing the need for a developer to update the website with simple improvements, e.g. dates, information, pages, images etc. 

Content is the forefront of your business, it is necessary to engage with new and existing customers. By having a place to make necessary changes, regardless of how big or small, you are able to reduce the likelihood of miscommunicating or providing wrong information to customers. Miscommunication could potentially lead to detrimental effects such as a decline in website visitors, bad reviews and even the loss of customers- hence the importance of being able to make these changes quickly.

Content is also how your website will rank in search results. Helpful and informative content is one of the factors towards how you can appear higher in the search results pages. Mistakes in content could harm your SEO rank, creating a domino effect as this goes on to harming website statistics, therefore sales.

CMS can save a business a large amount of money due to not needing to have an abundant amount of programmers and/or website developers on hand for any and all amendments needed to the site. As well as only needing the one software to manipulate the website, rather than having multiple programmes- another money saver! CMS often have the technical ability to grow, same as all businesses have the aim to grow. Therefore having a CMS which can support your expansion will mean one CMS can last a lifetime, justifying the cost.

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