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What Domain Shall I Select For My Business In Southend?

The domain name of your website should be just as important as the name of your business.

Your domain name is the face of your online business.

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name locates an organisation on the Internet, much like a house address. A domain name must be memorable and reflect your brand, along with being easy to spell. If you can produce this in your domain name then you are increasing your chances of being located in search engine results.


What Should I Consider When Choosing My Domain Name?

  • Availability: Availability is the most important factor when choosing a domain name. If the name you choose isn’t available then you are unable to have it. This is why you need to give yourself a range of options to avoid disappointment.

  • Be Specific: Being specific is especially important when choosing a domain name if your business is location specific. For all of the entrepreneurs of Southend, it can often be important to include ‘Southend’ in your domain name if you are looking for work within the area. For example, if you are a plumber within the Southend area and someone searches ‘Plumbers in Southend’, your domain is more likely to appear first as it is location specific.

  • Ensure Your Name Is Relevant: As well as being specific, your domain name should be relevant. This means it should include the kind of company you are within the domain. As a plumbing company you should ensure that ‘plumbing’ is mentioned somewhere within the name.

  • Make It Memorable: Your domain name should be memorable to visitors come back to your site as it is one they remember.

  • Keep It Short: The shorter you can keep your domain name the better. You don’t want to keep it so short to a point where it doesn’t make sense, but you want to erase words that make the domain longer than necessary. Try to keep it basic.


Picking a domain name can often seem stressful, as it appears that many of the good and successful domain names have been taken. But it is important to consider the above elements and keep your domain name specific and remember to be creative.


If you have any other questions about domain names or would like to see how we can help, please feel free to contact us on, or alternatively call us on01702 410663.

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