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What A Strong Logo Could Mean For Your Business

Any one of a million marketing companies can design a logo that looks “pretty ”, but are they capable of creating one that looks “pretty cool” by incorporating well-researched imagery that helps your organisation strategically communicate to a target audience?

Take a moment to consider some of the most renowned logos around. FedEx, Baskin Robbins, Toblerone, Formula One and Toyota, to name just a few, all have logos that have been well thought out and appeal to specific target market.


How? Well, within Baskin–Robbins’ logo, the large “BR” doubles up as the number “31” to represent the 31 flavours of ice cream sold, while the negative space between the “E” and the “X” of the FedEx logo forms an arrow to connote forward direction, speed and precision.

102628756-Untitled-3.530x298.Likewise, Toyota said that the three overlapping ovals within their logo “symbolises the unification of the hearts of our customers and Toyota products”. Yet possibly even more impressive, is that the overlapping circles also spell out the word “Toyota”.

See if you can spot the hidden messages within the other aforementioned logos?



How Does A Strong Logo Design Support Your Sales?

People will often form very strong opinions of your brand and organisation just by glancing at your logo. With the correct imagery, it is easier to help influence those opinions and communicate trust, innovation and luxury or other messages you wish to communicate. Colour selection, type choices and many other tiny details can be brought together to create the complete company profile and make your brand memorable.  


Who Benefits?

A logo needs to reflect what your business stands for. If you’re trying to make it in business, your company will benefit from a strong logo design. In an industry that is overpopulated your business needs to stand above all the “bad apples”, while you also need to make it known to your customers that you’re the company they need to use. A well thought out and executed logo helps you to be remembered.


Where Can You Learn More?

Does your logo appeal to your target audience or communicate the standards set within your brand? 07 Heaven Marketing can help you develop and implement a strategy that will engage customers, boost lead generation and support inbound marketing methods, but the first step you need to consider is a strong logo design. It has the power to change how your brand is perceived.

To learn about how to bolster your logo with a company that is more than just a design agency, it’s time you connected with the team at 07 Heaven.

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