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What a Blog Post Needs

Creating a great blog post is not all about content, you also need to set it out correctly. Here are some helpful tips for blogging to get you started with getting the right layout for what a blog post needs.


A magnetic headline

Your headline is the first impression you make on a prospective reader.


Open with a bang

There’s no point having a great headline if your content is rubbish. Make sure you open with the bang you’ve dragged the reader in with by your headline.  Now impress them with your post. If people aren’t interested in the opening 50 words or so, then they will not continue reading.


Use persuasive words

Use persuasive words to draw your audience in, make sure you use these words in contexts that make sense for your audience and your business.


Write good sentences

Make sure your sentences are saying what you want them to say.  Don’t waste time writing average sentences.  Make sure they are to the point, outlining what your audience wants to read. Make it easy for them.


Insert Bullet points

Bullet points attract the attention of the reader, however, be sure to keep them short and sweet.  The whole point of a bullet point is to display short bits of information, so don’t go writing long sentences because people won’t want to read them.


Create Subheadings

Large blocks of text are unfriendly to a reader’s attention span and can quickly turn readers into scanners, which can result in the reader not taking in all the information they need. It is important to turn scanners into readers by using subheadings. Think of it being a mini-headline that spells out a specific benefit to keep the reader interested.


Choose an image

Choosing the right image can make all of the difference when grabbing the readers attention. People don’t like seeing lots of black text on a white background, spruce up your blog with some images.


Close in style

The goal of effective writing is to take the reader on an enjoyable, informative ride from point A to point B.

So there it is, our brief insight into what we think every blog post out there needs. If you would like any more advice on content creation for your business, then don't hesitate to call us on 01702 410663 or email us 

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