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Website Hosting: Well, What is it?

You may have heard the term ‘website hosting’ but might not know what it actually is. Essentially, website hosting is the physical place where your website is located on the internet, basically its home. It is an online storage system which contains the information about your website such as text, images, videos, code, site map and any other information that creates your website. A website hosting service will maintain the server which contains your site as well as managing the technology which connects your website to the internet.

Website hosting is very important for your business. The hosting service is what makes it possible for your visitors to go to your site when they type in your domain name, without it your website could not be on the internet. Website hosting not only gets the website onto the world wide web, but it also keeps your site on there and running smoothly 24/7. The answer to why this is important is obvious, if your website is not always accessible this could affect the number of sales you bring in as a company. If you are an e-commerce site then physically your sales will be affected, but even if you are not an e-commerce site, a website which is not working properly could harm your brand identity which has a clear correlation with sales.

Websites which are poorly hosted will have much slower loading speeds, this could deter visitors from pursuing your business for their needs, therefore going to your competitors. A bad web hosting provider will usually have a poor quality hardware, or even have too many clients on one single server meaning fewer resources for people to use. Both of these reasons could slow a website’s loading time, therefore, by researching for a good website hosting system is very important. A well-developed hosting provider will supply support methods so that regardless of your previous experience with hosting, there will always be someone to help you if needed.

Your search engine results page rank will be considerably affected if your website is poorly hosted. Search engines penalise sites which go down a lot, therefore choosing a professional and effective service is essential. Especially if you have put in lots of time and budget into your SEO efforts.

One of the worst things a company can encounter is a loss of files. If you are hosting your site on a bad hosting system it is more likely you will result in loss of files. It is always worthwhile to invest in a provider which is going to provide backups and a plan to ensure the loss of files does not occur.

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