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Website Builders VS Developers: Which Is Best For Your Website?

With the development of website builders such as WIX, Squarespace and Weebly many businesses have set up a subscription, used a popular template and went ahead with their online journey. However, did you know you may be causing more harm than good by using a website builder? Soon came the debate of website builders VS web developers- which is best for your business. In this blog, we aim to settle this once and for all, keep reading to find out more.

If you own a small, medium or large company and are using a website builder application to do business you could be wasting time, energy and money by fighting a never-ending battle. You may not even be aware of this battle as you have determined your current success as normal, but you could have a LOT more. How? A professionally built website. To have this you do not need an in-house team of web developers, simply outsource it to a marketing agency with experience in web development *cough, 07 Heaven, cough*.

What is a website builder?

Essentially, they are online tools which remove the need for design and coding knowledge. Simply choose a template from the (limited and common) list of layouts, copy and paste some text then add some images and you’re good to go. The speed of this process highlights how little uniqueness, visually appealing content and branding your site would have.

What are web developers?

This is someone who can build a website from scratch, or on the basis of a template with personalisation. They can truly make a business’ dreams become a reality, whilst ensuring your site is optimised for search engines, can successfully generate leads and contribute to brand identity- with all being necessary for a victorious business, what are you waiting for?

We understand not everyone is fluent in the world of coding, but you do not need to. You also do not need to think using a website builder is your only option!

Website builder cons:

They are not always fit for purpose. It is nice to know you can amend your website whenever necessary to keep in tune with the customer’s needs, but with website builders not much can be updated as the template is limited. Your customers will always be changing, therefore, your site should be able to adapt accordingly. Due to limited integrations, your site can easily appear to look like a brochure which does not providing the unique requirements of the target audience… leaving potential for users to abandon site.

Your website’s main aim is to eventually convert visitors into leads, but with a bog standard template being the face of your business you can easily bore and deter visitors, therefore limiting the number of conversions. Ensure your site is successfully gaining customers by using web developers who can provide in-depth planning, strategic implementation and regular maintenance to keep your users happy.

One of your main aims is to stand out from your competitors. However, this can be difficult if you are using a common template used by thousands, meaning you can easily blend into the background as personalisation is limited. When working with developers you can include almost any design ideas on to your site to truly make you stand out from the crowd, creating your own brand identity. All of the biggest businesses in the world have a well developed brand identity, with the main contributor being their website it is time you followed in their footsteps.

Did you know your search rank can also be restricted as a result of using a website builder? When using their software, your site can develop a slow loading time and have inaccurate tagging. This makes it difficult for search bots to deem your website as reliable and resourceful for the searcher. There is no use having a website when it struggles to be found, ensure your website is providing results.

In essence, your company is screaming for a professional web developer. With the many benefits waiting to be gained, the future of your business relies on a well made and well-maintained site which is not limited by a website builder. Here at 07 Heaven, we offer a range of options for every budget, all have the same aim- to provide you with an expert website which is unique to your brand, is the basis of your entire marketing strategy and can successfully convert visitors.

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