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Vital Email Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Is your business ready for 2019? We predict there is one aspect currently lacking attention… email marketing. Email is continuing to grow and thrive. With over 3.8 million email accounts to appeal to (Lifewire),it is vital you prepare accordingly in order to smash 2019. New year, new you- right? Here are some vital trends that you need to look out for in order to succeed.



Simple design


We love colours, graphics and creativity, but times are changing. We see 2019 as the year of simplicity, as a more modest design promotes a personal touch that is a key force in driving sales. As you strip back the unnecessary design elements, you are able to see the true ‘person’ behind the brand. With humanisation directly affecting how customers interact with a brand, all methods to achieve this should be adopted.


More personalisation


As the design is simplified and a more humanised approach is adopted, it is time to put the cherry on the cake by adding personalisation. Yes, you probably have been including personalisation tokens in the “Hello ****” section of your emails, but there is so much more that can be done! Birthdays, user behaviour, interests etc, there is endless information available that you can use to make it appear that you are singularly emailing that person.




You should be segmenting your email listsas standard, but the new trend is ‘hyper-segmentation’. This is when you take segmenting customers further than just their location, gender, age etc. This will essentially include segmenting to the customers' terms. For example, they might outline they only want to receive emails on the topic of shoes. As the customer has outlined the emails they want to receive, the probability of them opening them becomes a lot more likely. As the open rate increases, it means your return on investment increases!


Mobile is key


Mobile phones have revolutionised the 21st century, but their limits have not reached full capacity… yet! 2019 urges you to ensure every single email is mobile optimised. Google themselves said that mobile users check their email 3x more than computer users- 3x more?! (Campaign Monitor) That information is vital for you to use in order to have more successful email campaigns in the new year. We are sure every email marketing software offers the option to test or optimise the email specifically for mobile, ensure you make use of this.


Predict your future


As the process of artificial intelligence improves, the reasoning for you to use it only increases. By analysing your historical data, you can predict customer needs and desires for you to use at your will. A lot can be learned from previous campaigns, even those that failed miserably provide vital insight into what to do for future. Learn from your mistakes, continue your success!


Follow data protection guidelines


The one trend that has continued since 1984… FOLLOW ALL DATA PROTECTION GUIDELINES. We cannot stress this enough, especially now GDPR has come into play, it is essential everyone dealing with EU resident information complies with every guideline. If not, face the risk of crippling fines and even closure…


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