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Unique Inbound Marketing Strategy: Increasing Website Conversions

Would you like more clients, but not sure where to invest your hard-earned money to get them?

Read this blog to find out how using a unique inbound marketing strategy can increase your website conversions in the most cost-effective way of getting new leads and converting them.

Before we begin discussing how A Unique Inbound Marketing Strategy Can Increase your Website Conversions...

Having grown your business through your contacts and recommendations you are now looking to get clients come to you that previously have not dealt with you. You have tried the traditional methods of advertising; leaflet drop, ad in paper and ad in yellow pages, but they have been ineffective. You want something that works, and you can track how successful it is.

The answer to all the above is a unique inbound marketing strategy, which is all about drawing people to your website through creating great content, SEO and Social Media. There are many benefits of this form of marketing, but one of the many benefits has a huge effect on your bottom line.

A unique inbound marketing strategy doesn’t just help you attract more people to your business, it can help you turn those visitors into real, breathing customers. A unique inbound marketing strategy has many benefits apart from the increase website conversions, it also helps get the visitors to your website. Its aims are to get more visitors to your website, gather information on those visitors and then when you have the information that you need converting them into a client.

Learn how you can increase conversion rates by implementing inbound marketing in these three simple steps.


Implementing a Unique Inbound Marketing Strategy...

Step 1: Increase Website Conversions with Content that Targets Prospects

The first step to a successful inbound campaign is writing to your target customer. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • How old are my customers?
  • Are they female, male or both?
  • What questions do they ask about my product or service?
  • What are the things that stop them buying the product and buying from me?

By answering these questions, you are developing your buyer persona. A semi fictitious person that represents your ideal customer. By knowing who you are targeting, it allows you to be more focussed and makes creating great content easy.


Step 2: Increase website conversions with Content that Pops

Running a business is hard work and standing out to your client is sometimes difficult. Therefore, investing in this form of Marketing to increase your website conversions is so effective, because it not only draws in the visitors, but it also leaves them educated further with you as their reference. By making yourself their teacher you become an authority on your service area. In turn people will think of you when they have further questions allowing you to capture their information to increase your chances of making a sale to them.

Content could be blog articles, social media posts, videos, etc. The cheapest and easiest method to get good content on your website is on your blog. Blogs can be set up on your website yourself costing only your time or by your web developer and should be no more than a £50 charge.

Unique inbound marketing strategy web dev


Step 3: Increase website conversions by Capitalising on Your New Traffic

Now that you know about personas and content you will need to prepare for all the new traffic to your website. It is extremely important that you add forms, call-to-actions, and landing pages to your site. If you're tight for time or budget at least take the time to add forms where people can contact, you for your services. The great thing about this form of marketing is that it costs on average 62% per customer than other methods. The great thing is that everything can be tracked through analytics. Start by tracking these simple analytics and then you can extend into these further:

  • Visits to your website
  • Downloads if you have downloadable offers
  • Conversions (the number of people who actually turn into a lead, or customer)


Using these 3 simple steps in your unique inbound marketing strategy will directly affect and increase the amount of conversion you have from your website.


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