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Unique Inbound Marketing Strategy vs an Outbound Strategy

What is a unique inbound marketing strategy and outbound marketing strategy?

You may have heard of ‘Inbound’ and ‘Outbound’ marketing, but do you know what they are, and their differences? They have not been made up by marketers, they are legitimate ways of marketing a product, service or brand. In this post, we discuss the benefits of a unique inbound marketing strategy versus an outbound strategy. 


What is an Outbound Marketing Strategy?

Outbound Marketing defines traditional marketing methods such as TV, radio, print, telemarketing, direct marketing and outdoor marketing. The basic idea of Outbound Marketing strategy is to push a business’ message and/or product to the public by featuring in their everyday life. The hope of this method is that your marketing efforts will be shown to the masses and that your particular target audience will be appealed to. The effectiveness of this method is questionable as there is no direct proof that it is effectively gaining leads, also in recent times most people do not bat an eyelid at outbound marketing methods and are not persuaded to purchase the product or service.

The problem with outbound marketing, other than its lack of effectiveness, is that it is intrusive. Nowadays people do not want to be bombarded with cold calls, adverts on the television or door to door salesman. We are now in a generation which modern technology has allowed people to escape interruptions and engage when they want to interact, therefore Outbound methods are often ignored.

What is a unique inbound marketing strategy?

So what is a unique inbound marketing strategy? Inbound marketing focuses on attracting visitors ‘at their own free will’ (using techniques which are known to attract them) rather than pushy techniques which outbound marketing does. Inbound methods pull people in, increases the brand’s exposure and creates brand identity/be a thought leader by creating valuable content, e.g. blogs, emails and offers. It is mainly the internet/digital technology which allowed inbound marketing to flourish, being a digital-dominated society means this method has become more effective.

An example of how marketing has changed would be you want to find a dance school. Previously, you would perhaps look in the yellow pages, the local newspaper or a direct mail piece. However, today you would go on to the internet, load the preferred search engine and search ‘local dance school’ and choose from the 1st page of results. Search engines are known to produce accurate and reliable results, making it easier for someone to find what they are looking for.

This search could provide resources which help to find the best dance schools in your area. It could also show valuable blog posts about the different dance types, or you could even download an ebook about how to master a pirouette. If you need further guidance you could even take to social media, looking at how others interact with the brand.

Below is an illustration of how a unique Inbound Marketing strategy works:

Unique inbound marketing strategy example


Here is a table so that you can clearly see the difference between Inbound and Outbound:

 Unique inbound marketing strategy vs outbound


So why a unique inbound marketing strategy vs Outbound marketing strategies? 

Although some Outbound Marketing methods are still used today (TV ads, Radio ads and print marketing) their effectiveness is being overshadowed by the benefits a unique inbound marketing strategy can offer. Inbound methods provide accurate results making it easier to decide whether something is bringing a return on investment for a company. As well as being able to see actual results, Inbound is a LOT cheaper than Outbound methods, therefore, should be adopted by everyone wanting to successfully market themselves.

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