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Why You Need a Unique Inbound Marketing Strategy

A unique Inbound Marketing Strategy is vital for any successful marketing campaign as it acts as guidelines to ensure success in your specific niche. 

Within this strategy both the “Buyers Journey” and “Inbound Flywheel” play a pivotal part in identifying how to keep it unique to your business.

The Buyers Journey in And it's Importance in a unique Inbound Marketing Strategy

Every business has a unique “sales funnel” called The Buyers Journey. This is a process unique to every business that each customer goes through when buying a product or service. Therefore, you need a unique inbound marketing strategy that mirrors your buyers’ journey. It is important that businesses understand this, because from research you can begin making an inbound marketing strategy to delight your audience, converting them into loyal, happy customers.

The Buyers Journey Stages 

Stage 1: The Awareness Stage

The awareness stage is at the top of the sales funnel. This stage is for people that have just realised that they have problem. At this stage of your inbound marketing strategy you must focus on providing content that will inform and enrich a customer understanding around your specialist subject. It must allow them to contextualise the problem they have been experiencing.

Stage 2: The Consideration Stage

The consideration stage is in the middle of the funnel. At this stage the customer has defined their problem and is now researching solutions to solve it. At this stage of your inbound marketing strategy the goal should be to outline your expertise and how you have the tools to solve the problem they are facing.

Stage 3: The Decision Stage

The Decision stage is at the end of the sales funnel. This stage is for when a customer is choosing a solution. Content created for this step in your inbound marketing strategy should be targeted around providing value to a customer and offering a clear route to any services you have to offer.


It is important to delight the customer at each stage of their buyers’ journey and help to guide them through to the bottom of the funnel. Using your unique inbound marketing strategy to help define each stage of the buyer’s journey will add structure. Teaming your understanding of the buyer’s journey with other marketing techniques such as calls to action and a great sales team that can create a friendly and informative rapport will help delight your customers.


The inbound Flywheel in a Unique inbound Marketing strategy

There is another technique within an inbound marketing strategy called the inbound flywheel. This technique is focused around enticing customers to purchase products and services while maintaining an excellent customer experience.  You can do this via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimising and branding. This is known as the inbound flywheel.

Unique Inbound Marketing Strategy Flywheel


The Inbound Flywheel

Stage 1: The Attract Stage

During the attract stage the goal is finding the right customers with relevant content that they need at that time. The content used should be as informative and reliable as possible, leaving a positive impression in that person’s mind. This can be done through tools such as adverts, blogging, video, keywords, social publishing and content strategy.

Stage 2: The Engage stage

At the engage stage the goal is to create positive relationships, good rapport and a good brand image. Interacting in this manner once again will leave a positive representation of your business in the person’s mind. At this stage you can utilise tools such as email marketing, lead management, conversational bots and marketing automation.

Stage 3: The Delight Stage

At the delight stage in your inbound marketing strategy the goal is to deliver the right content and solutions to the right people. This can be done by using previous information gained in earlier stages to deliver targeted, relevant solutions. Tools to help with this process include smart content, email marketing, conversations, attribution reporting, and marketing automation.


So why do I need unique inbound marketing strategy?

The inbound flywheel steps are vital through your unique inbound marketing strategy as they offer the basis and tools to delight your customers at every stage. Coupling this technique with the buyer’s journey will allow your strategy to be targeted and specific for each potential customer.

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