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The Importance of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a methodology that uses content creation to attract clients/customers. Inbound marketing is the modern way of marketing as it is highly beneficial for both marketers and customers/clients in numerous ways. In 2021 inbound marketing is the way forward in order to have a successful business. We have created a list of the benefits using this marketing strategy provides so you can fully understand the importance of inbound marketing.


Over the years the public has lost more and more trust in advertising because of the endless amounts of false promises that have been offered. 

Modern-day buyers tend to do research nowadays before making a purchase, inbound marketing supports the modern buyers.

Inbound marketing comes hand in hand with modern-day buyers as part of the methodology is that content is created in order to benefit the potential customer/client and then this makes potential customers more inclined to buy. For example, if a person is potentially looking into buying a labrador puppy, a dog breeder may post on their website a blog which explains the ins and outs of labradors, so when the potential buyer does their research they come across the blog and gain useful information, then because of the useful information the potential buyer looks to purchase a puppy from that breeder, this is how inbound marketing works. 

By providing useful information, creating content based on your field, you are enabling your business to attract more engagement, trust your services and therefore have more opportunities to make sales.


Another reason why you should be making inbound marketing the key form of marketing you use is because of how cost-effective it is.


Unlike most forms of marketing, inbound marketing requires very little money, this is because it is content-based.  For example, if you are posting on social media to promote a sale that is occurring, this is free to do, rather than spending money on paying for a television advertisement. The idea behind it is that you do not know whether what you are promoting will even lead to sales therefore by promoting it on social media for FREE rather than paying to have it on television, you are saving money.

Reach More People

Possibly one of the most important parts of any marketing campaign is to reach and get people's attention. With inbound marketing, this process is a lot easier.

Part of the process of inbound marketing is using SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques. These techniques essentially make your website show up high on the search results on a search engine so that your website is easy to find. 

By using inbound marketing, you are enabling more people to be able to find your site and services, resulting in a higher chance of obtaining clients/customers.

Long Term Value

Another great benefit of inbound marketing is the long term value it brings. 


Almost all content created for inbound marketing has a high chance of staying relevant and useful, meaning it can be used for the long term. Rather than a traditional marketing tactic that can become irrelevant, timely and costly.

For example, content like blogs, instructions and infographics can be posted to a website and used to benefit clients/customers forever until the information is no longer valid and then in which case it can be quickly and easily updated. Rather than a salesperson who can spend hours upon hours cold calling people with no guarantee of any sales making it a lot easier for time to be wasted. 

This is why by using inbound marketing not only are you creating a long term value for your content but also saving time and money. 

If you weren’t already on board, now is the time to start inbound marketing. Get rid of the old, irrelevant ways of marketing and move with the times. Not only will it benefit your business but it will benefit your clients/customers too. Save time and money for your business and start following the inbound marketing methodology today!


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