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RESOURCES > The Different Types Of Upselling For E-commerce Businesses

The Different Types Of Upselling For E-commerce Businesses

The Different Types Of Upselling For E-commerce Businesses


Before you start upselling, you need to know that there are a variety of techniques to choose from. It will depend on your goals, expectations and desires as to what technique is best for you, therefore carefully consider what you think is best for your sales before implementing into your marketing plan. In this blog, we explain the differences so that you are prepared to start your upselling journey.

The upgrade

As time goes on, there will always be a new and improved version of the product they have previously bought from you. One of the easiest ways to convince a customer to repurchase is offering an upgrade to them, explaining all of the new features and benefits that they NEED.

The product protection

Now they have bought your product, depending on what you are selling you could provide users with the opportunity to protect it at an additional cost. For example, you may sell tablets where you can offer an extended warranty for X price.

The customisation

This is where you can offer users to customise their product at an additional cost. The more options provided, the more likely users are to add multiple to the standard product. A good example of this is Nike’s NIKEiD trainer customisation platform.

The extended service

This is most suitable for services rather than products, but can still be used where appropriate. This is where customers can extend their contract of service for a cheaper price, making them more likely to commit as they save money.

The bundle

Bundling is perhaps one of the strongest forms of upselling as you are able to convince users to buy more for a saving but will still allow you to profit highly. The idea of saving money for customers, within a limited timeframe means more urgent and solid purchases are made.

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