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RESOURCES > The Best Upselling Tips And Tricks For Any E-commerce Business

The Best Upselling Tips And Tricks For Any E-commerce Business

The Best Upselling Tips And Tricks For Any E-commerce Business


It is best said that it is much easier to sell to someone who has already purchased from your company, rather than nurturing a brand new lead. As well as being easier, it is also a lot cheaper- something all e-commerce businesses want to hear, ‘save money’ to your ears right? In this blog, we give you the best upselling tips and tricks for any e-commerce business.

Firstly, you need to know what types of upselling there is, we have previously spoken about upselling, now… it is time to reveal our tips and tricks!

Tip #1

ALWAYS offer upselling. The more you give customers the opportunity to further purchase, the more likely they will go through with payment. If you are wording and positioning your upsell correctly, it will not be an annoyance for the user as they will benefit if redeemed. Best places to include are on:

  • - Product pages
  • - Cart page
  • - Once they have completed a set list of tasks, e.g. visited the product page, purchased an item, returned to the site and then read a blog- you can then make a pop up with the desired upsell

Tip #2

Although when done correctly they will not be an annoyance, you will still need to ensure you are not being pushy. You will need to be strategic when your opportunities appear, how it is designed and how it is worded- if any of these are incorrect you face the risk of missing an upsell.

Tip #3

Ensure the offer is unique and targeted to the user. If the offer is for £20 off muscle mass protein, when the user has been looking at diet supplements you will have wasted time, energy and resources trying to appeal to someone who has no interest. Remember to:

  1. Sell the benefits of the specific offer
  2. Why the customer needs it
  3. Why it is important they act now

Crack these three strategies and you will see the results.

Tip #4

Some of the best performing upsell techniques are personalised with user information. This can be a first name, email, web behaviour, purchasing behaviour or brand loyalty. When targeted, the customer will feel personally involved with the brand and unique to the experience, therefore more likely to put their hard earned money into the brand.

Tip #5

Utilise a time constraint on the offer. This may be ‘25% off men's t-shirts, hurry only 4 hours to redeem!’, when feeling pressured to receive such value a customer will feel more inclined to purchase right away. As well as time, you can also use limited quantities to usher a purchase, e.g. ‘hurry, only 5 remaining!’.

Tip #6

Free delivery is one of the leading ways to convince users to buy more. Often an inconvenience for many, the opportunity to have free delivery means a user feels obliged to proceed in a purchase that they were questioning before. This often occurs once an order has been made, in the confirmation email there could be a CTA allowing free delivery for their next shop.

Tip #7

Always offer a substitute if a product/service is out of stock. You cannot limit the customer's engagement with a business with one product, always offer an alternative that has as many benefits as their original choice, therefore the user will be more inclined to go ahead with buying an item.

If you would like to know more about e-commerce upselling, please do not hesitate to contact us- Give us a call on 01702 410663 or email us at today
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