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Understanding B2B Vs B2C Marketing

7 Key Elements For Your E-Commerce Website

The world of e-commerce is ever growing, therefore if you have an e-commerce website it is essential you are utilising every key element you can on your site. On average, users spend more than 20 hours per week on the internet, but with over 12 million e-commerce websites it can be hard to get your site to the top of search..

Website Builders VS Developers: Which Is Best For Your Website?

With the development of website builders such as WIX, Squarespace and Weebly many businesses have set up a subscription, used a popular template and went ahead with their online journey. However, did you know you may be causing more harm than good by using a website builder? Soon came the debate of website builders VS web..

The Future Of Your Business’ SSL Certificate

Personal data is constantly being exchanged on websites, therefore effective cybersecurity has never been more important. With an endless amount of hackers trying to take and misuse others personal information, it has become vital that you adopt every technique you can to reduce the risk of this happening. Especially now GDPR has..

Why You Need Both A Domain Name And Website Hosting

We have discussed what is meant by a domain name and what is meant by website hosting. Now you are educated on what they are, it is time to discuss why you need both in order to for your website to thrive. Here is quick summary of each: Domain name= the physical address of your site that people will type into the browser’s URL..

The Dangers Of Self Certified SSL Certificates

Many companies toy with the idea of a self-signed SSL Certificate instead of using a verified Certificate Authority due to the price difference. However, most do not realise any respectful hosting provider would not charge extortionate prices for a monthly SSL deal. A self-signed certificate is free, therefore is tempting when..

A Basic Explanation On ‘What Is An IP Address’

Here is a breakdown of the term: IP means Internet Protocol Address means the unique number that links you to all the online activity you do, sort of like a number plate on a car. Your IP address is specific to YOU. Example: TIP: IT can be confusing and is best left to those with a high knowledge of the internet,..

What Is The Best Content For Each Social Media Platform?

In 2020, 84% of people with access to the internet use social media. That equates to a staggering 3.8 billion people. Social media has become such a large entity that companies are able to deploy effective and cheap strategies to increase their brands awareness and lead generation potential. This ultimately helps their company..

10 Things To Consider When Creating A Website - PDF Download

If you are looking to create your own website but do not know where to start, we have created a downloadable eBook to help. Our “10 Things to Consider When Creating A Website” PDF helps you understand the first steps to designing your website. Designing your own website can at first be very daunting, often people are unsure about..

How To Leave A Review On Facebook

We understand the importance of reviews on Facebook, therefore we have written this clear and easy to follow guide on how to leave a review on a FB page- keep reading to find out! 1. Go onto the page you want to review 2. Click ‘REVIEWS’ on the left hand side of the page’s timeline 3. Click the grey stars to choose your rating,..

Website Legal Requirements: 7 Essentials For Your Business Site

The owner of a business website has a legal obligation to keep up to date with the current UK legislation. Unfortunately, ignorance is not an excuse accepted by the UK governing bodies for not adhering to the rules. Any business that is seen to not be complying with the UK legislation can face fines and even criminal consequences..

MySQL vs. phpMyAdmin In Web Development

Ok, so there may be people out there in the web development sector wondering whether or not it would be easier to use the MySQL (SQL) workbench or phpMyAdmin (PMA) for the management of their database(s). This article is 100% opinionated and all falls down to personal preference and what you feel is more ergonomical.   User..