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Understanding B2B Vs B2C Marketing

10 Killer Lead Generation Ideas You Need To Know

Before we dive into our 10 killer lead generation ideas we thought it would be a helpful exercise to clear up what a lead is and what lead generation is. Firstly, a lead is any person that has indicated any form of interest in your company's product or services. A lead is typically qualified a lead once they have opened..

What is a thank you page and why you should use them?

What is a thank you page? A thank you page is the webpage a visitor is redirected to immediately after completing a form on a landing page. A thank you page acts as the final step in converting a website visitor into a lead. HubSpot have done an excellent job in defining "what is a thank you page" in less than 100 words. Why not..

What are Landing pages and why you should be using them?

Converting visitors into leads is the first step in creating a relationship between your company and a potential customer. You can do this by utilising a beautifully designed landing page that convinces your visitor to share their information with your company. You may be asking yourself, what are landing pages? In this blog, we..

What is a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)?

A marketing qualified lead is a marketing technique that can help your sales and lead conversion process. However, lets firstly look at the basics, what is a lead? A lead in marketing, put simply, is a person who shows some form of interest in a company’s services or products. This makes them a potential customer moving forwards...

Lead Generation Marketing Strategy: Minimum Effort, Maximum Results

Time is precious, especially in the world of business. Everyone wants to put as little effort in as possible whilst receiving the best results, this is not an exception when it comes to your Lead generation marketing strategy. As the marketing industry has developed it has become clear which methods are easy, quick to use and..

Lead generation marketing strategy: Effectively Using CTA’s

Incorporating Blogging into your Lead Generation Marketing Strategy is often a method that is overlooked. Whenever discussing content creation, you usually think of SEO. SEO is focused around relevant and quality content creation. Google themselves continue to reiterate that the best way to improve your search rankings is to..

What Is The Best Content For Each Social Media Platform?

In 2020, 84% of people with access to the internet use social media. That equates to a staggering 3.8 billion people. Social media has become such a large entity that companies are able to deploy effective and cheap strategies to increase their brands awareness and lead generation potential. This ultimately helps their company..

How To Leave A Review On Facebook

We understand the importance of reviews on Facebook, therefore we have written this clear and easy to follow guide on how to leave a review on a FB page- keep reading to find out! 1. Go onto the page you want to review 2. Click ‘REVIEWS’ on the left hand side of the page’s timeline 3. Click the grey stars to choose your rating,..

Website Legal Requirements: 7 Essentials For Your Business Site

The owner of a business website has a legal obligation to keep up to date with the current UK legislation. Unfortunately, ignorance is not an excuse accepted by the UK governing bodies for not adhering to the rules. Any business that is seen to not be complying with the UK legislation can face fines and even criminal consequences..

10 Things To Consider When Creating A Website - PDF Download

If you are looking to create your own website but do not know where to start, we have created a downloadable eBook to help. Our “10 Things to Consider When Creating A Website” PDF helps you understand the first steps to designing your website. Designing your own website can at first be very daunting, often people are unsure about..

Understanding B2B Vs B2C Marketing

B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) are both marketing methods that are very important within the industry, however knowing and understanding the differences between the two, can be hard.  Both of these methods are used daily within different businesses and if you haven’t already, bringing this strategy into..