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Social Media Marketing Services: Business LinkedIn Tips

Making the most of Social Media Marketing Services is essential in today's modern world. With every second that goes by, 2 LinkedIn profiles are made. There are over 400 million profiles currently active on the platform, therefore it is essential that your business has a LinkedIn profile. You cannot create a profile and expect to gain followers without any effort from you, you will need to be strategic and consistent with the content you post. In this blog, we tell you some tips and tricks to boost your business’ presence on LinkedIn.

Making the most of Social Media Marketing Services:

Encourage employees to like the page

By asking your employees to like the page you are igniting a chain reaction as they are the best people to spread the word of your business. They will all have a large list of connections, therefore if they all shared your page you can quickly develop a following. Also, encourage them to tag your page in their employment history so that you appear on even more screens!


Create and publish valuable content

All of your social media platforms will require valuable content to be published, including LinkedIn. If you are not publishing quality content you could be deemed as spam, therefore limiting your online presence. One of your aims of social media is to position yourself as a thought leader in the industry, by only publishing intriguing and relevant content it will make it easier for you to become that.


Images and videos are extremely effective

Social Media Marketing Services VideoContent

Visual content receives a lot higher engagement rates than text only, the same goes for LinkedIn. If you are utilising imagery in your strategy you will be sure to reap the benefits. However, do not make every post image based as it is good to show a variety of content types on your profile.


Join LinkedIn groups

By being an active participant in groups you will be able to network with other industry professionals. This will also allow more people to view your profile and follow your page, increasing your popularity in the industry. Due to the way social media algorithms are set up, the more followers an account has the more the platform will show their content. Therefore, it is in your best interest to gain as many followers as possible.


Use analytics

Now you have adopted all the above techniques, it is time to look at your analytics to see specific tips and tricks tailored to your business. The metrics will highlight what works well, what doesn't and how to improve for the future. Analytical information should not be underestimated and should always be utilised for every aspect of marketing.


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