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Social Media Marketing benefits: using Instagram Effectively

Social Media Marketing benefits can be endless. And utilising Instagram to the full will help you take advantage of a large portion of social media marketing that is on offer.

Instagram receives more than 4.2 billion likes per day, has a bigger user base than Twitter, and with the app you can have easy marketing for your business at your fingertips, so why not download the app today and start growing your business?

Instagram marketing allows you to drive sales, improve customer engagement and increase your brand visibility. You can take advantage of the free tools that come with the app, one of the best features being the ‘business profile’ that first appeared on Facebook but became such a popular feature that Instagram incorporated it as well.

Below are 5 ways that you can incorporate into your Social Media Marketing plan…


Social Media Marketing benefits...

1: Call-to-Action button

The business profile includes a ‘contact’ button which is a great call to action for people that come across your page to directly get in contact with you via email, text or phone call. This is a great time for you to create a friendly rapport and give them the appropriate information to guide them into becoming a loyal customer. This is how you will convert your visitors into leads, all by the click of a button!


2: Insights and Analytics

Instagram also has a version of analytics, but they call it ‘Insights’. You will be able to view this feature once you convert your Instagram page to a business profile and make it public. Insights show you your businesses engagement data and impressions. It will also show you what days people most visited your profile – with this data you can work out what content sparked such an interest in your visitors and then tailor your content to suit your audience better. You will notice patterns of what days and times you will get the most coverage, for example weekends see higher engagement and then will taper off around 1:00 or 2:00 pm. The best day of the week to post on Instagram is Thursday, while Sunday sees the least engagement.

On the Insights homepage, you can explore follower demographics and behaviour. This will show you gender, age group and location to give you a better idea of your target audience. If for example you had a beauty business, your gender demographics would show more female, you’d then know to change your content to suit more female than male e.g. changing colours used to more feminine ones such as pinks and purples. The demographics also show your audience’s online times and days which will help you to create a schedule for the times and days they are most likely to be online to give you the most reach and engagement. You will have to have a minimum of 100 followers to access these follower demographics.

Social Media Marketing benefits analyticsYou can measure goals for a particular time period, such as engagement (comments and likes), impressions and reach, ratio of engagement to reach and best and worst performing content types (photos and videos). To do this, you will have to measure them by a specific time frame and identify the content posted. This will give you the data of your most successful and unsuccessful posts for you to understand better what attracts your audience.


3: Cross Promote Instagram Posts 

Already have a following on another page that is interested in your brand? Why not cross promote to your new Instagram! Post on your other social media accounts a link to your new Instagram profile, and even message your followers and ‘likers’ asking them to follow. They are already interested in your business so will want to see what you have to post on Instagram.


4: Interact with visitors

When visitors follow your profile, make sure to follow them back and ‘like’ their posts – this will draw more attention to your profile. Your followers will likely be interested in similar content as well, so why not try expanding your audience by giving some of them a follow as well.

If someone takes the time to leave a comment on one of your posts, take a second out of your day to reply and thank them. This engagement helps to create a loyal customer who will want to leave more likes and comments in the future.

Incorporate ways to get your followers to interact with your posts, such as competitions and ask them to tag their friends in the comments for it and for those tagged friends to follow your profile. Since their friend is asking them to do this, their will be less resistance and will result in many of those tagged following you.


5: hashtag Effectively

Social Media Marketing benefits hashtags

Using hashtags correctly will get so much attention to your profile! I have noticed that for myself, a post with no hashtags could get say 30 likes but using popular and relevant hashtags could get me up to 300 likes! That’s a huge amount of extra coverage with just a little research needed. An effective way of using hashtags is to research the most popular ones used for the topic you are posting about. Also, when you get your first hashtag done, click on that hashtag and it will give you other relevant hashtags people have used that are popular. You could even tag accounts like yours to give them the notification to like that post or follow you – they may even tag you back in their future posts.


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