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Social Media Marketing benefits: Instagram TV

We have previously introduced you to IGTV, now it is time to explain the Social Media Marketing benefits that you could reap ensuring Instagram is utilised in your marketing strategy. Previously, long-form videos were only best for YouTube- but no more! Delight your followers with even more content for them to watch, interpret and use for their purchasing journey.

Social Media Marketing benefits:

Extend your social media reach

Whenever something new appears on social media, users have no choice but to flock to it to see if they can benefit from this new feature. As IGTV remains the hot topic of the social media world, if you are some first to utilise the tool you will most definitely reap the Social Media Marketing benefits. With over 800 million active users on the platform, it may be your only opportunity for a time to reach new audiences whilst delighting your current. The level of engagement to be had from this new tool as well as easily being discovered means if you are not already starting a video strategy, you will be missing out!


Show off your brand

The main reason for social media is to be an informal platform, to show the human side to your brand. The main rule of social media is to be 80/20- 80% informal, valuable and helpful content, 20% sales based. With IGTV, you are able to successfully complete this rule by providing a mix of content for your followers and potential audiences to use towards their purchase (can be figuratively or physically). 60 minutes provides you with a lot more opportunities to express your creativity and reason to be chosen over your competitors.


Make your Videos shoppable

Social Media Marketing benefits shoppingIGTV allows you to introduce your product/service list in a more natural and familiar way, making the potential for purchasing to be more likely as users believe they are not being forced into a decision, but of their own accord. You are able to encourage more views on your other videos, or guidance to your website. Unlike the timeline videos, IGTV allows you to provide a working link to an external URL, making this tool very appealing for any marketer.


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