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Social Media Content Ideas For Small Businesses

Social media is taking the world by storm, on a personal level and in a marketing sense. With roughly 2.46 billion people using social media, if you have not already implemented it into your marketing strategy you could be missing out on engagement, customers and money. Especially those with small businesses, this free yet effective platform could take your business to new heights. In this blog post we give you 12 social media content ideas which are particularly useful for small businesses- keep reading to find out!

Share new blog posts/offers

You will need to write unique and related blogs on a consistent basis in order to improve search rank, provide valuable content for visitors and position yourself as a thought leader. Blogs and offers will also provide content to share on social media to engage with your customers and create potential for your brand to go viral. This type of content will also develop your online following, therefore improve your brand awareness.


One of the best ways to find out your customer’s opinions is through polls. The recent feature has enabled some of the biggest decisions in the world of business to be made, do not underestimate their power. You may only have a few hundred followers but no matter what size your following, polls can still highly benefit you.


What is a common thing that people want? Free stuff. By setting up a contest and giveaways you can ask for them to exchange a like, comment or share in order to be entered. This will improve your ability to appear on more timelines as current social media algorithms prefer posts which are highly engaged. By doing this you can spread your brand further than your following list, reaching new customers and target audiences.


With video content being the highest performing type of content it is essential you are using it to your benefit. You do not need a big $$$$ production company, video equipment and Hollywood actors to create amazing videos. With smartphones now having professional quality cameras, you can easily make a video yourself! Be creative, transparent and useful in the content you create.

Customer feedback

People buy from people. By sharing positive feedback, this will encourage others to enquire further or even make a purchase. The power of positive feedback should never be underestimated for your marketing strategy and online presence.

Announcements- new products, company news, accreditations, awards

Your customers are following you because they want regular announcements from your company. They want to be one of the first to know when a new product is released, if the business has been featured in a top industry magazine or if the company has been nominated for an award- make sure to give the people what they want! As well as sales-based content you will need to develop your own brand in the process.

User-generated content

If you have a product/service that people want to share on their personal social media accounts and tag you, make sure to make use of this free content! They are essentially writing a post for you, providing a review and giving images of real-life use. Perfect content for you to reuse and share with others.

Photos - behind the scenes, team pictures, sneak peaks, reveals

Image-based content is a close second behind video for popular posts. Utilise this to your advantage by having pictures which they would not necessarily see without following you on social media, e.g. behind the scenes, team lunches, events etc.

Employee profiles

You will want to humanise your brand as this contributes to how customer’s want to engage with your business. One of the best ways to do this is to create employee profiles. They can be as corporate or as silly as you like, make sure to include a brief description and image so that they can put a face to the name, making you seem less robotic.

Inspirational quotes

We all love an inspirational quote, make your followers feel good by occasionally providing them with some motivation and inspiration. Your content needs to be around 20% salesy and 80% generic, it is the generic which nurtures a relationship between them and your brand and should be the main focus for your social media strategy.

Company goals

As mentioned above, you want to build relationships with your customers. One way to do this is to share your company goals. This is a personal thing and is sure to make your followers feel closer to you as they follow you on your journey from small business to a worldwide phenomenon.

Reuse previous content

Now you have created the above, it is time to reuse it! Recycling is very important in this day and age, it does not stop for your social media accounts. If you see particular posts had significant spikes in engagement, ensure you repurpose and reuse them to appeal to even more people.

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