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Social Media Bios - Why Are They Important?

As Social Media slowly creeps into everyone’s marketing strategies, the bio is often overlooked or rushed. Your bio is the first written thing someone sees when they visit your profile.

Here are an example of our Instagram and Twitter bios:07 heaven twitter












07 heaven insta


The bio is an essential part of promoting your business, one of the first points which a visitor will see of your brand. A bio will contribute to your brand identity, and a well-built brand identity will help gain more leads and customers- something you wish for from your social media profiles.

The bio on your social media profiles can be compared to a digital business card. They raise awareness of who you are and why the visitor should continue to look at your profile. You want to show you are an industry expert, perhaps highlighting some of your biggest business achievements. If your audience does not instantly see you as an expert they may exit your profile, meaning all of your content efforts have gone to waste.

Your bio will also depend on the platform. The type of platform will give insight into the type of audience to try to appeal to. E.g. Instagram is image based, whereas Twitter is short text updates. The type of audience will mean you will adjust your bio accordingly. The platform may give a character limit, meaning you must be further critical of what information to include in your bio. The general rule for what to include is your name, method of contact, and why you’re worth following. Hashtags are also good to include!

As with all your marketing efforts, regular updates keep the content fresh and engaging for your audience. Your audience is constantly evolving, therefore your content should too.

If you would like to know more about bios and how your company can benefit from an effective social media bio, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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