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4 Tips for when your Website Goes Live from an SEO Company

What is an SEO Company?

You have created your website you have made the first step in growing your business. However, your site won't be seen by anyone if you do not optimise it. Search Engine Optimisation is not a short-term project, it needs to constantly be added to and developed to ensure you get to where you deserve on the search results page. It is the first few steps in your SEO strategy which is vital to get you off to a good start. By having a strong beginning, you will save a lot of time and energy in the long run.

So, What is an SEO Company? An SEO Company is a specialist marketing company that can help with your SEO campaign ensuring that content and pages are optimised to the fullest.



how to ensure pages contain Google-friendly, as well as user-friendly content

An SEO company will help with content creation and a content strategy to ensure your content is targeted and SEO friendly.

Content is one of the most important factors in your search engine optimisation efforts. If your website is relatable, reliable and accurate, Google will rank you higher. Base your content on your visitor’s problems and wishes as this will be the most useful to them. If the content is detailed and accurate, you are more likely to be linked to by other websites which will significantly improve your rank. Make sure to invest time into creating effective web content.

TIP: Include long-tail and short-tail keywords, but do not use them in excess. If you use them too often Google will penalise your site and you will not rank highly.

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Why It’s important to Optimise your title tags

An SEO Company will have knowledge and expertise around On-Page SEO techniques. Included in one of these methods is including your keywords in title tags.

The title tag is the title of the specific page. It needs to clarify what is on that page both for the visitors and the crawlers of the search engine. Make sure to include an accurate keyword as this will communicate your page’s contents and improve search rank. Make sure it is under 60 characters otherwise Google will crop it, making it ineffective, confusing and inaccurate.

TIP: Include the keyword at the beginning of the page title to make it as eye-catching as possible for users to click through.



Why It’s important to make the meta description engaging

An SEO company will have expertise around technical SEO methods including optimising your meta description. It is a simple yet effective way to boost google rankings.

This is the short piece of information which is displayed under the URL on the search page. It will help convince users to click through to the website- make sure to include your keyword to clearly translate what users will see if they go onto this page. Every page meta description will be unique as every page is different, make sure to consider them carefully. This is also restricted by characters, make sure to be 300 characters or lower to prevent being cropped.

TIP: Visit Neil Patel for a more in detail description of how this process works. 

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Why It’s important Use an analytics tool

An SEO company will use analytics tools to give a deep insight into how keywords and rankings are performing throughout a campaign.

Analytics tools are essential once you have created a website as they will provide insight into user behaviour, website (or potential) issues, and highlight areas to improve your rank. There are many options available depending on your site, examples include HubSpot, Google Analytics and Yahoo Web Analytics. The quicker you add an analytics tool to your site, the quicker you can see results and develop your strategy. The strategy needs to be as effective as possible as it connects to a variety of marketing aspects, the first being your search engine rank.

TIP: Another great way to develop your rank is through blogs. Blogs are a great way to include keywords, appeal to customers and help other aspects of marketing such as social media, email and the customer journey.


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