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Lead generation marketing strategy: Effectively Using CTA’s

Incorporating Blogging into your Lead Generation Marketing Strategy is often a method that is overlooked.

Whenever discussing content creation, you usually think of SEO. SEO is focused around relevant and quality content creation. Google themselves continue to reiterate that the best way to improve your search rankings is to produce quality content. Great content encourages sharing, visitors, and engagement.

While with SEO is definitely an important tool, you should always be circling back to your Lead generation marketing strategy whilst blogging, and importantly thinking about your CTA’s.

Find out some useful tips in this blog on how to use CTA’s and how it helps to always think of your Lead generation marketing strategy …

If you are new to SEO feel free to check out our blog for a better understanding.

Lead Generation Marketing Strategy Tips

Tip #1 - Highlighting Your Call to Action

Inviting your readers to interact in some way at the conclusion of every blog is vital. Call to actions (CTAs) will be unique to your business, you have to make sure there is a benefit from clicking on your CTA.

Lead generation marketing strategy CTA

Tip #2: Make it Big

Make sure your call-to-action button is big, not huge, but big. A rough guide is about 200px - 250px wide by 50px tall.

Tip #3: Location of Your CTA

An immediately visible CTA is great, but this is not always possible, making sure it follows the path of the eye, is.

Tip #4: Use Colour 

Choose a strong colour that contrasts against the colour scheme of your blog. Bright oranges and blues are common.

Tip #5: Use Button Text

Your button text should include a CTA, telling people immediately what to expect from clicking the button, i.e. using phrases like, 'free' and 'download now' with specific information, e.g. 'free blogging e-book'.

Tip #6: Quality Content of Course!

The definition of quality content is best explained by content marketing expert, Jeff Molander:

“Content that creates leads is content that fosters confidence in buyers. The difference between content that converts and all the other crap out there, is the ability to give prospects a taste of success. “

So, a blog post needs to teach the reader something or solve a problem, basically, it needs to be actually useful for the reader and not just a sales pitch. This will keep the reader intrigued, while increasing the chance of creating a lead.

Lead generation marketing strategy content

Tip #7: Shorten Your Forms

You may be experiencing a problem with people going to your landing page and then leaving. This could be caused by you simply asking them for too much information in relation to the benefits that the reader will receive.

If this is the case, then make sure that you only ask for the most important information that you need at this stage in the buying process as you can ask for more information later.


Lead generation marketing strategy

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