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Key Features Your Business Cards Should Have

As much as the current society we live in is extremely digital based, nothing makes a stronger impression than a face-to-face interaction followed up with a business card. The new handshake is your business card, therefore an impactful 3.5” x 2” piece of card is vital to your success. The beauty of these cards is that they act as a first impression as well as a follow up for communication- best of both worlds.
Positioning statement

It is best practice to create and include your positioning statement on to your card. This is a single statement that highlights your values and uniqueness within the industry. If you can compel users in a single short sentence, you will be able to establish an emotional connection with those you share your details with.
Functional content

As much as you will want to have endless content being given to clients, you will need to condense your entire ethos into as little words as possible. Edit your content, edit it again… then edit it again. You will need to refine until you can effectively portray your company to Joe Bloggs and they know exactly who you are, what you offer and how you can help them.


Some good questions to ask during this process are:
  • Is this clear, concise and relevant all at the same time?
  • Do you stand out amongst competitors?
  • Are your contact details correct?
  • Are you offering a route of conversion?

Simple layout

As well as having all important information readable, you will need to have as simple of a layout as possible. Although it needs to be simple, it does not mean you cannot be creative. Some of the best business cards were able to make the most intriguing but simple content possible, therefore it is not impossible for you to do the same. Again, refine until you are happy with the final result. Take advantage of both sides of the card and make sure to leave a small space so that receivers of the card can write a little memorable note on it, e.g. ‘Call with Jeff @ 2 pm 23.11.18’
Keep in mind your target audience

Your target audience will indicate what content to include, what design to have and the overall message. Make sure in-depth analysis goes into what your audience will respond to and work from there. For example, you may be appealing to high profile professionals who want the card plain, simple and direct- no time wasting or faffing. However, others may be appealing to creative and unique individuals or would appreciate a brightly coloured and textured card.


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