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Instagram: Is It Worth My Business’ Time?

There are a variety of social media platforms out there, all having their own niche. These platform specific niches can be used and exploited by businesses to interact with their current customers, reach new customers and build a brand reputation- all very important in the business strategy.

Did you know:

The brain processes image-based content 60,000 times faster than text-based content. People remember 80% of what they see, in comparison to only remembering 20% of what they read.

More than 60% of people with an Instagram account log in daily, meaning more than 400 million people are active users daily- that is a LOT of people to potentially appeal to.

Instagram is a platform which dedicates itself to photo and video sharing for both business profiles and personal profiles. Therefore, if you are a company which provides a product or service with visual appeal, Instagram should definitely be on your radar. Some examples of business types that would benefit from this visually based platform are food, clothing, beauty, bloggers, travel, cosmetics etc.

Instagram can be used in a variety of ways, whether that be organically or with paid optimisation. Regardless of how big or small your company may be, any can gain customers through Instagram when used correctly. There are numerous techniques which a profile can use to extend their customer reach, whether that be using hashtags, locations, mentions, tags, comments, likes, profile story, direct messages, promotions, sponsored content, post descriptions, even the profile itself!

Whilst ‘selling’ your product or service, Instagram allows you to show off your brand’s creativity and personality. Personality is something some businesses fail to encourage due to the previous conception of a ‘fun’ brand being unprofessional, but that is the beauty of social media. The world of social media is a casual place, therefore if a customer decides to follow/like your profile, they are then expecting an informal approach. This does not give you the green light to start swearing, using text talk or continuously sharing images of cats wearing Mexican hats, but it does give you the opportunity to personalise and humanise a brand. Personalised profiles, therefore, makes it easier for a customer to interact with your business and start to take their first step in their purchasing journey.

Instagram is a platform which appeals to pretty much everyone, not limiting itself to a select few. The platform is compatible with both iPhone and Android users, gender neutral in its process and geographically available to everyone. With such a vast reach, why not exploit this platform to appeal to as many people as possible.

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