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Instagram Insights ‘Activity’ Section Explained

With over 800 million people using Instagram, the platform has grown from strength to strength- especially for brands! If you have a product or service with visual appeal your presence on Instagram is vital, the opportunities are endless and should be exploited by every business when necessary. However, creating an account and posting great pictures is all well and good, but without analytics fueling your reasoning for posts your profile could be limited in its reach.

Analytical terms can be confusing, therefore we have created this blog which clearly explains the terms in the ‘Activity’ section of Instagram Insights. Reminder, you will only have access to this information if you have an Instagram Business Profile. To access this information, click on the line graph icon on the top right of your profile page!

instagram analytics

Your insights are split into three sections: Activity, Content and Audience. In this blog post, we are discussing the ‘Activity’ section. This page is then split into two sections: Interactions and Discovery.

Interactions - This is any ‘interaction’ which your profile has had in the previous 7 days, e.g. likes, comments, profile visits, bio link clicks etc. A bar graph will show which days received that number of interactions. The timeframe being used will be mentioned here.

Profile visits - The number of visits your profile has had that week compared to the previous week. The timeframe being used will be mentioned here.

Discovery - This is how many accounts have seen your posts over the previous 7 days. A bar graph will show how many accounts were reached and on which days. The timeframe being used will be mentioned here.

Reach - The number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts during the outlined timeframe.

Impressions - The total number of times all of your posts have been seen during the outlined timeframe.

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