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How an Inbound Marketing Strategy Helps Digital Marketing

Having an Inbound Marketing Strategy is essential for a successful digital marketing campaign, but what is an inbound Marketing Strategy? An inbound marketing strategy is combining multiple techniques in digital marketing to reach an obtainable SMART Goal. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for all your company's online marketing efforts. Those emails you get to your inbox that are somehow related to something you’re interested in? That’s digital marketing. It covers a vast range of topics, but these are the basics to help you get your business started the digital way.


Your Website

The website of your business is the foundation of your inbound marketing strategy, the place your entire social media posts link and where you will ask visitors to view. This is the place you will be converting visitors into leads, so make sure that it clearly represents your business in the professional, informative, qualified way you want it to.

Make sure to include a brand logo and house colours that will be used throughout your blog and logo to make aesthetically pleasing. The colours of a website can influence the perception of your blog to a visitor through psychology. With this is mind, consider changing your house colours to suit your buyer persona’s personality. For example, purple is associated with upper class and sophistication, and blue is associated with down to earth, honest and trustworthy. Maybe that is why Facebook is blue? You would want a website that you’re sharing all of your personal information and everything you do on a day-to-day basis to be ‘trustworthy’ after all – right?

Write a powerful ‘about’ page, including lots any necessary information and any impressive previous work, a bit like a business CV. If there is a lot of information you can include, then consider writing this in a timeline style to help bring your visitors on a journey of how your business started out and grew to what it is today. It will be more interesting to read than a huge block of text.

Start a blog to boost visits through social media shares, and to give your website a higher ranking on search engines.

Make sure the website is mobile friendly as most people use mobile phones to search for content.

What is an inbound marketing strategy - Website


Content Marketing

This can be in any form such as through blogs, social media and email marketing. Create regular and compelling content that interests your reader to drive as much traffic to your website as possible.

Create a realistic content strategy that shows what you will post, when and where you will post it. I recommend sharing all blogs and social media posts to every social media platform.

Research what times and days will be most popular on each social platform for you to share your content.

What is an inbound marketing strategy - Content


SEO Strategy

SEO strategy includes making a list of topics and including these in your blog posts every month. Compile about 10 keywords and terms associated with your product or service, use Google’s Keyword Tool to identify their search volume and use the most popular/trending ones associated with your business.

Build pages for each blog topic so that it is easier for the visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Blog every week to get higher in Google search rankings.

Try to get backlinks (links from other pages e.g. other websites), in exchange for using their links in your blogs. This will help you rank higher in Google’s search engine.

What is an inbound marketing strategy - SEO


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies because with research and an effective call to action that captures visitors email addresses, the content they are interested in is literally put to their fingertips with either the option to ignore or the option to click on the post to find out more. Considering it will be content that the reader will be interested in, they will most likely click on the email.

Do your research and consider which visitors will be interested in what content, and then tailor your emails to suit this. For example, on a call to action box on your website where the visitor provides their email address, consider a drop down menu where they select what content they will most be interested in, and then send only that content to those customers to give a more personal experience.

Maybe even consider using their name in the email “Hi Emily, because of your interest in …. We thought you’d be interested in this…” attached with an eye-catching post and a click here button.

What is an inbound marketing strategy - Email


We have created a digital marketing resource page, why not check it out? It is about all things digital marketing and inbound marketing. We have listed informational blogs about inbound marketing methodology, SEO, content creation and social media management. 


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