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HubSpot - Why You Need To Switch CRMs Today

Previously, businesses had a system where a salesperson would manually enter data such as lead information, sales figures and website statistic. But, that is a thing of the past… introducing the CRM (Customer Relations Management). Although CRM’s are not new, some businesses have still not made the transition into using a CRM in their business and marketing strategy. After recently being named the best CRM software, HubSpot should be on your radar regardless of whether you already have a CRM or have only just learned what CRM stands for. We at 07 Heaven are HubSpot partners and cannot speak highly enough of the platform which has revolutionised the marketing industry. Therefore we have decided to create this blog post which tells you the benefits of HubSpot and why you should switch today!


Something all companies love to hear… It’s free! With most free CRM software you are VERY limited to the amount of functionality without coughing up some money. However, HubSpot’s free version has a large list of functions for you to explore and use for your business. Some of those features include:

  • Email scheduling

  • Email tracking notifications

  • Email templates

  • Documents

  • Calling

  • Meetings

  • Lead analytics dashboard

  • Forms

  • Contact activity

These are just to name a few, view the full list of functions here!

Social Media

Not only does HubSpot provide effective customer relations management, you can also integrate your organisation’s social media without having to spend HOURS manually entering or comparing data. The software can pull useful details from a lead’s social media profile, for example, their latest posts and retweets. Personalisation is (or should be!) key in your marketing strategy, therefore, the more information you have about an individual, the more success you will have in engaging with them.


As a premium add-on, you can integrate your website on to the CRM, which means you can be notified when a lead goes on to your website. This can be particularly helpful when you have a lead who has become dormant and suddenly visits the website- highlighting they are interested in your business again, therefore you can use techniques to secure the lead. Another benefit of this is that you can see which pages your current leads are looking at, giving you insight into their problems or desires from your company- then use this information to effectively sell to them.


Tracking your communication with clients can be a time-consuming and generally confusing task, this is where the HubSpot CRM can solve this problem. The system allows you to email clients directly from the platform, it then immediately logs the correspondence within the specific lead’s contact page- arranging all the communication in a singular place. There is also the ability to record your phone calls, having further proof of correspondence which could prove handy in situations where evidence is required.


As well as being a CRM, HubSpot is also a marketing software which can work seamlessly with the customer relation management system. This allows your sales and marketing methods to work hand-in-hand, allowing for optimum results. For example, if a lead visits a landing page linked to a marketing email campaign, this will appear in the lead’s contact profile. This will then notify a salesperson to react with an appropriate action, taking the lead further into the customer journey. HubSpot updates and syncs every 10 minutes, meaning that information is constantly up to date for anyone needing to reference the system and will always have reliable data at hand.

The importance of a CRM is undisputed, but it is the CRM’s capabilities which are important for a business to be aware of. A customer relation management system which ticks all the sales and marketing boxes, as well as being affordable will allow a business to get the most out of their efforts- everything that the HubSpot CRM offers!

If you would like to know more about HubSpot and how your company can benefit from an having HubSpot integrated into your business and marketing objectives, please do not hesitate to contact us- Give us a call on 01702 410663 or email us at today!


*Image taken from HubSpot's Twitter Page

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