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How to write a video marketing script - What you need to know

In recent years, the use of video marketing has grown in popularity. To be successful within video marketing you must understand how to create quality content, and this come from understanding how to write a video marketing script to clearly convey your marketing message.

Due to the ease at which information is presented, the audience can improve their understanding of the business’s product or service, ultimately leading to a higher number of generated leads for the business.

However, getting to this stage is not as easy as you may think. To generate leads effectively, a video should contain extremely high-quality material. This means not overloading the video with information, but also ensuring there is enough for the targeted to audience to build a good understanding of the objective of the video. That is where an excellent written video script comes in.

A video script will help maintain the focus of the video, as well as reminding of key points to include when creating your video.

So how do you do write a video marketing script?

How to write a video marketing script play

Creating a brief

This first step in writing an effective script for your video marketing campaign is creating a brief. The creation of brief will help you to focus the main questions you want to answer in your video; this will also help everyone else in your team to focus on the same topic. This is important, because when you are in the middle of creating your videos you want the whole team working towards the same idea and objectives. Having everyone on board with the content of the video and what should be done will help to create an effective video. So, when there is a disagreement with ideas you can use the brief of your goals and aims to support your case.

When creating your brief, it does not have to be complicated. It should however answer key questions to do with the purpose of the video and whom it is intended for. Questions such as:

  • What are the purpose of the video?
  • What do I want my audience to learn from watching my videos?
  • What kinds of actions are we trying to encourage the audience to take once they have finished watch our video?

All these answers will help you to address the topic of your video and build a script to suit the intended video you have made.


How to write a video marketing script

After you have completed writing your brief and have finally decided what topics to go through in your video you can begin to write your script. Similarly, to the brief the writing of a script does not have to be complicated. In fact, it should be kept simple, so the speaker(s) of the presentation could present this information and keep the audience engaged.

Write in plain English

When writing the content try to understand how the speaker will be presenting the information. The script does not have to be so formal; it may sound better and natural to the audience if the language used is more relaxed. However, you would not want to sound completely informal, otherwise you will lose the professional presence of your business. This may then result in a loss of trust between your messages to the audience. So, I would advise using informal language where it may not act as a distraction to the message presented.

Include as many details as possible

When writing you should try to make it as detailed as possible, so the readers find it easy to follow. This includes the use of stage directions, what they should be wearing etc.

This will be necessary so all the actors are aware of where they should be and what they should be doing. As well as having the information of what they should be saying. The script should be so detailed that someone else could shoot the video by looking at the script.

Differentiating between when to speak and when not to speak

People in your video need to be able to tell when to speak and when not to. For instance if you do not want people narrating the edits on your product you need to make that clear for them to understand.

Script every word, do not improvise

Many people may believe that they can improvise when given a few bulleted points and some can. But this not the case for most people. You need to be writing each word that you want mentioned. As well as this it helps to make everyone stay focused on the message intended. There is an unpredictability when people improvise, which can lead to them going of topic. This therefore will result in you having to retake of the videos. As well as this try to make the video short, a long video will be no good for you. This means your script will have to be short, the script should be no longer than two pages.


Perform a table reading

Now that you have completed writing your script you need to practise the script in front of the camera.

So, you may think why practice? The reality is you are likely to make mistakes in your first attempt of making this video. The more you practise the shoot the better the outcome will be and the more effective the outcome, the better the results you will end with from your video.

If you need to, it also gives you a chance to add any tweaks or changes to your script, ultimately giving you a better chance of creating content that gets your message across clearly, and generates leads for your business. 

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