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How To Set Up The Perfect Business Instagram Account!

Creating a professional Instagram account can be a difficult task, especially when you're trying to stand out from all the other millions of aesthetically pleasing pages. So what can you do to develop and achieve an Instagram account that will maximise your engagement and improve your business?

We have created a list of five different factors to consider which will help you create a thriving Instagram account that will boost your business to the next level. By following these steps you'll have a kickstart to your social media success!


Here Are 5 Key Things To Consider When Creating An Impressive Instagram Account

1) Having The Right Username

person-using-laptop-1Your username is the first part of your Instagram account people will see, this means you should make it clear from the outset what your account is for just from the username. If your account is a personal one, then using your own name is appropriate, however, if the account is for your business, you should use your brand name, making it easily accessible for potential clients to find.  

2) Good Profile Picture

Alongside the username, the profile picture is one of the first things potential clients/ visitors of your Instagram page will view.


Making it look professional is essential so that people take your brand seriously. If the Instagram account is for a business, the best way to help people recognise your brand is to have your brand logo like the picture. The logo or image will need to fit into a small circle so you'll need to crop the image to fit, having an image that does not correctly fit the dimensions will look unprofessional therefore it is essential that you do crop it.

magnifying-glass-with-seo-concepts-13) Your Bio Has SEO

Search engine optimization is essential when trying to attract engagement to your business profile. Instagram created a new feature whereby you can use keywords into your bio to help increase your discoverability, so how can you use this new feature to benefit you? Well.. by using keywords in your bio anyone who happens to type that word into their search bar has a higher chance of being led to your profile rather than a competitor. Including keywords into your bio will only draw more traffic to your page therefore it’s vital if you want to stand out from the millions of other instagram accounts.

4) Bio Clearly States What You Do 

Following from the last point, your bio is where people will look for information on what your account is being run for, therefore it is vital that for any business account you clearly state what it is your company does and intends to do for the viewer.

businessman-putting-card-with-text-who-are-you-pocket-1You want to make people WANT to follow you and keep track of what your business is doing, so make it fun, add emojis and keep text directly about what benefits you from keeping up to date with the company.

5) Include A Link You Can Track

Finally when setting up your business instagram account you need to send people to your professional website for your business, this is where the web link comes in.

corporate-connected-link-perforated-paper-1When setting up your account always include the link to your website and a little comment above it stating the link will lead to the website. This is so people who want to learn about your business, can do so. Instagram is the perfect segway to lead people from initially scrolling through your page to analysing your business in further detail. Essentially the whole point of having an instagram for your business is to get people interested in the company therefore having your web link whereby a lot more information can be found is vital.

So there you have it, four clear steps onto how you can create the perfect business instagram account that will help maximise your engagement and grow your company. By having a clear username, image and professional looking bio you're already on the path to having a successful page for your instagram. By following these steps when setting up your account, you should have a headstart into growing your instagram and your company!

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