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How To Save Money With Inbound Marketing

Marketing in 2021 can be a very confusing task as there are so many different types and strategies that you can take and it can be expensive. Inbound marketing is the modern way of marketing and if you are not already, you need to get on board as it not only will boost your business but it can save you money too, what more could you want?

What Actually Is Inbound Marketing?

Before we get onto how inbound marketing can save you money, you first need to understand what it is. 

Inbound marketing is a philosophy that is based on helping people. Putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes and asking “how would I want this to be sold?” Essentially inbound marketing is creating content that is focused on the consumer’s needs and pain points and then providing solutions for said pain points. 

How Can It Save You Money?

Inbound marketing is heavily content-based. Meaning if you are a company that follows the strategy, you may, for example, write blogs that are beneficial to your consumer and then post them to your website. 

With technology constantly developing, most marketing strategies tend to become outdated after investing loads of money and time into them. Inbound marketing, however, part of the philosophy is to evolve with technology.  Therefore it never should lead to being behind on the technology movements and developments that occur worldwide, as inbound marketers move with the times.

Maximise Your Time

In marketing, time is money. Whether it be that you are spending your own time to try to attract new customers or whether you are paying someone else for their time, it all adds up. The more time you spend on a project, the more money you are losing. 

Many marketing strategies end up taking a lot of time and therefore end up losing profits. For example, if you were handing out leaflets for 4 hours, to promote a business, and then every person who received a leaflet doesn’t acknowledge it and just gets rid of it, you have then spent 4 hours of your time without gaining any new customers, resulting in a loss of money.

Inbound marketing, however, saves time and therefore saves money. By using tactics that enable the customer to approach them at any point in time. For example, by posting a video answering questions that are aimed at your target audience, a person could come across it one day, month or even a year after posting but still want to engage, creating a new customer. So by posting one video, you are inviting people to come to you rather than spending hours of time trying to find them. 

Wasting Money On Ads

Whilst paying for advertisements used to be a great way to attract customers, in the modern-day world, people simply find them annoying and untrustworthy.

Technology has even developed to prevent advertisements for people i.e. ad blockers, spam etc. People nowadays tend to distrust advertisements because of the endless amounts of false promises they have offered in the past and now tend to do research before purchasing anything. 

Inbound marketing is the perfect way to advertise without actually paying for ads. Modern buyers do not trust ads and instead will do their research to find what is best for them and inbound marketing is that research. The philosophy behind inbound marketing is that we provide valuable information for when customers are spending their time researching and then because of the valuable information provided they want to convert into consumers. This way the consumers are benefitting and the marketers are not wasting money on ads and instead are still gaining customers in a way that benefits them more. 

Without using inbound marketing your business could be losing A LOT of money and customers. In 2021 you need to be ahead of the competition and inbound marketing can do just that. Why waste time and money you can’t afford to lose? Instead, get on board with the current, benefitting strategy; Inbound marketing.

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