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How to promote your business' content effectively 

Many businesses already feel like they are successful when it comes to content marketing but there is more to content creation than meets the eye. There are many more ways that you can be successful and be more effective with your audience and if you need to know how to be more effective then carry on reading…

There are two different types of promotion that your business could focus on and these are organic content promotion or paid content promotion.


  • Organic content promotion is designed to increase the visibility of your content and effectiveness of your marketing campaign without spending money. An example of this could be social media, email marketing or live events.

  • Paid content promotion is the opposite of that meaning. It allows you to pay money to get your content to a highly specific audience. These are more like the ads on search engines or social media. But be careful with this technique as you can spend a lot of money on promoting your content then end up not being successful so make sure you have a small budget so if you fail you haven’t wasted a lot money. So just be careful!


Fortunately there is an advantage of using paid promotion and that is you can attract new audience members and prospects.

Now I’m going to show you how to promote your content in the best way!


Promotional Calendar 

First thing you need to do is to create a promotional calendar to keep track of the various communications that you might use. Your promotion calendar will be like an itinerary as you will track each day on how well your promotion is going, it will help keep you organised.



Then you need to use segmentation which will help you target the right area and people. Use a list of the company’s data that already has specific people to promote them to but also you have to branch out a little to start getting a wider audience outside of your social network.

Create a Message

Then you have to create a message. You have to think about 3 things, which are:

1) Set the tone

Setting the tone is important as the audience will know how serious or not serious/ formal or informal something is. 

2) Communicate the value

You have to make sure that you are giving the best content. The best way to do it is to define two or three benefits someone would gain from your piece of content.   

3) Match the distribution channel  

Lastly match your distribution channels, this could mean if it is on social media you can make the content funny and humorous as you can create new and exciting content all the time.                                                                   


Now you have to experiment and you can finally find out what platforms are the best for your content. And making sure your reaching your content out there to different audiences you can do this by sharing it on social media and always be telling people about your content you have produce and maybe they might take an interest to it.


Just remember be patient! You aren’t going to get a big audience straight away, it takes time.

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