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How to Format a Blog in 5 simple steps

Many of you may be creating blogs with the right content and useful information, but aren't gaining the responses you would like. Confused about why people don’t seem to want to read your blog? Your format may be the reason why. Read on to discover simple changes you can make to your format, make it look exciting, make it worth the read.

1. Titles

Keep it short and simple. Make it big and bold. No one wants to be bombarded with information before even reading the blog. Make sure it is straight to the point. By enlarging the title, it will stand out against the rest of the blog. Choose a title that summarises your blog, but leaves curiosity for the reader to find out more. It could be the reason whether your viewers go on to read it or not.

2. Headings

Do you ever see captions with different sized text? Usually not. They all have the same importance, so it is important that the size and fonts for these captions are the same. However, if you have a headline that summarises other headings, go ahead and make this bigger! Maintain a pattern in your online journal. It is the aspect that simplifies the information. If people don't have time to read through a whole blog, it is a great way for them to gather the most important points. The headlines need to be interesting and informative, make people want to come back.

3. Bullet points

No one wants to read massive amounts of information when it isn’t needed. Simplify it. Here are some reasons why you should start using bullet points in your sites:

  • It discards unnecessary information

  • Makes the blog look organised

  • Highlights the main aspects

  • Helps the customer to remember the facts

  • Looks more interesting to read

4. Images

Would you be excited to read lots of writing if there is nothing to break it up? No. Repetition is boring. Don’t make your blog look like an essay. Add images that refer to what you are writing about. You may be asking yourself, what images should I use? Take photographs yourself or pay a subscription for a photographic company. Be careful which photographs you use, don't take them from google or websites. You may get caught for copyright. When you have chosen your photograph, it is important to know where to place it. It is great to paste them after every couple of paragraphs. This is when people begin to become a little uninterested, break it up.


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5. Font

Use a sans serif font for your writing, it is easier to read. Keep it consistent throughout your writing. Arial font has been used for this blog, give it a try! Serif fonts on the other hand can be used for titles. Why are titles different to content? It is the boldest aspect of the blog, make it stand out.

The most important aspect is to keep your blog organised, but continue to make it look interesting. Remember to keep your fonts and sizes consistent. If you have lots of information to write about, summarise it in bullet points or lists. Don’t overcomplicate your blog. Simplify it.

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