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How To Create An Aesthetically Pleasing Feed For Your Instagram!

Instagram has 1 billion monthly users, so there's no wonder creating content that is original and unique can be hard with so much competition. When scrolling down your feed you may ask yourself how do I create content that is aesthetically pleasing as we see on so many accounts? Well here is a list of tips and tricks that will help obtain that perfect looking feed we all desire to have!


1. Plan Your Theme



So the first place to start when planning your content is to come up with your desired theme to carry out throughout the page. So where to start? Well, you need to first decide on your “vibe.” This means you need to determine what you want people to gain after leaving your page, whether it be informative, edgy or motivating content and from here is where you would determine your theme. 


2. Colour Scheme



Find a colour scheme for your theme that you will carry throughout all future posts. Having a colour scheme instantly will make your feed look impressive as it shows organisation as well as a clear thought process behind your posts. Carefully choose a colour scheme that will represent the “vibe” you are trying to put across to all your followers as you want to show a clear vision of your ideas behind the Instagram account.


3. Font

Determine a font that you will carry out throughout your future posts alongside the colour scheme. Having text on your posts will only be necessary for certain Instagram accounts as most content is image-based, however for the occasion that you do need to have a post with text you should have a font that is used consistently throughout the page to keep within the theme. Having a specific font that is repeatedly used shows a professional manner for your account. You may find you mostly use text for the Instagram story feature,  once again you should still carry out the same font and colour scheme, keeping consistent with the theme.


4. Take High-Quality Images

Camera quality is a huge aspect to consider when creating an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed, in fact, the higher quality the image is, the higher respect you receive on the app as it is very photography based. Having a high-quality camera to take your pictures will really boost your feed as a whole.



Not everyone will have access to a camera however most people nowadays do have access to a phone camera which can produce just as high-quality photos as a digital camera. There are a few things to consider when taking your Instagram photos and little fixes that can be made during the editing process.

The best way to maximise the quality of your photos is to edit them. By adjusting the exposure, brightness and saturation of an image can completely transform it. Keep your editing process consistent throughout the majority of your pictures so they all stick to your theme. For example, if you like your posts to be really bright, turn up the saturation to the desired amount and then stick to the same amount of saturation for the rest of your posts, keeping consistency.


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