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How To Build A Brand For Your Business Using Branding Tools

Brand identity is VERY important for your business. Not only does it help achieve business objectives, build customer relationships and become an industry leader, it directly affects sales. Without a well-built brand, your business will not grow. Therefore, utilising branding methods is essential is your marketing plan and strategy. This blog outlines 5 tools which you should use to incorporate into your company branding and logos.


Banners - If you have a physical shop or location, you need to clearly show who you are, what you offer and why they should shop with you. It is not best practice to just have your logo, this will do no convincing for them to enter. Make sure you are quickly and simply engaging visitors, be creative but professional in your design! A marketing expert can help tailor your message to the needs and preferences of your specific audiences.

Social Media - You must grab your audience’s attention in all ways possible. Social media is a great way of building your brand identity, providing another route for communication and having a place which is informal which will not intimidate customers. Not only are the profiles a helpful place for followers, it is easy to subliminally market your products and/or services to customers. Also, you are able to physically see who and how your potential customers are engaging with you as well as watch competitors- a staple part of your marketing strategy.

Blogs - One of the most effective ways of developing brand identity is blogging. Blogs are created with the intention of providing an answer to your customer's problem, with the potential to position you as an industry thought leader. A brand needs to appeal to customers as well as other industry professionals in order to remain relevant and useful. Although a clear way to gain publicity, blogging is still not adopted by everyone, therefore, utilising it will set you apart from competitors.

Press Release - The best way to create a buzz around your business is press releases. There are many services online and offline for you to utilise in order to get publicity for free! Search engines and relevant magazines can pick up the press release and use it, spread your name to their audiences further promoting your brand. The more people who share your press release, the more your story will be circulated and your website will appear higher in search results, most probably reaching your target audience.

Video/Photos - Visual content has revolutionised the marketing industry. Visuals have far more engagement than text, therefore should be included in your strategy as the possibility of it going viral is high. Not only will this increase traffic and search rank, but it will also increase your brand’s reputation at the same time!

Many underestimate the power of a brand, without one no customers would purchase or engage with you. If you put the above tools into practice you will see your metrics increase, generally helping you meet your business objectives, highlighting the importance of company branding. Perhaps it is time to ask yourself, should I hire a branding agency?

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