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How to Begin Video Marketing

In this blog post we will be helping you with the early steps of a video marketing campaign, including how to produce things like how-to’s, customer features, valuable content, news, product updates, event previews to be presented via webinars, email and social media.

YouTube is currently the number two search engine after Google . Those who publish their videos to the site, benefit for many reasons.  It drives SEO, allows you to show off your personality, simplifies sharing and commenting, and has a remarkable advertisement network.

Measuring Success

There are many ways to measure your success.  You can track video views, embeds and Google blended search results, to name a few.

Quality vs Quantity

Creating videos can be expensive. I recommend breaking videos into two categories:

1) Content that will change

2) Content that is long-time material

Don’t spend the money if it’s going to change. Invest in the content that can be re-used and will serve a purpose for a long time. 

Don't Forget!

Always try to include video on landing pages, include CTAs (calls to action) during and at the end of videos, test everything, use a special tracking link and try and use video testimonials when possible.

I hope this has convinced you to begin video marketing today. Contact us on 01702 462667 to discuss your video marketing or email

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