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How SSL Certificates Can Affect Your Search Rank

Recently Google announced that switching your website over to the HTTPS protocol would give it a boost in ranking. Any opportunity to improve rank should be grasped with two hands as your search engine rank position is detrimental to a business and their website. First, it is important to know what SSL certificates are, and the levels available linked are some valuable sources! In this post we discuss how SSL certificates can directly affect your search engine rank, so listen up.

It is not a surprise that Google wants secure and reliable sites to be higher up on search results. Not only do the certificates show customers that the site is trustworthy, making them more inclined to enter, but the actual process of getting certified is not easy. Therefore, if you are able to have OV or EV certifications then it proves you are reliable. Google’s main focus is those who use the search engine, they have set criteria for business’ to meet in order to get a high rank as they only want to present websites to searchers if they deserve it. Google aims to make the internet a safer place for everyone. This is one of their ways of maintaining their own trusted and thought leader position.

It has been confirmed that the leading search engine algorithm looks to see whether or not your website uses secure and encrypted connections, therefore being certified has never been more important for business owners. However, right now the use of SSL to increase rank is quite lightweight, but Google has said they will increase its dominance once webmasters have migrated their sites to HTTPS. If you are not yet certified, we highly recommend switching in order to be prepared for the new SEO technique on the block.

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