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How Do I Increase My Company Website's Traffic?

So you have set up a webiste for your business, or you may have already had one set up for a while now, and you're wondering exactly "how do I increase my company website's traffic"? Well, here at 07 Heaven Marketing we have 5 helpful tips for you and your business to increase website traffic, all of which can be done for free!


1) Search Engine Optimisation 


Of course one way in which your website will recieve more traffic, is making sure that your company website can be found through search engines by using appropriate key words. Search engines rely on websites to provide them with the related content to the key words that have been searched for. So, make sure that you pick one main key word for your content and emphasise it so that it can be picked up. Being present on search engine results is the key to increased website traffic as it is organic, and free! You can pay for services that will boost your ranking within the results, however if you have great content and a great use of keywords, you shouldn't need it! 

2) Social Media


Social media is a great tool for promoting your company and your company website. Many web users will use social media as a tool for finding out more about a company. Take Facebook for example. If a web user is wishing to understand more about your business, they may search for your company page to assess whether it is a company that can be trusted. If they like what they see, they may then wish to find out more. By providing your company website in the 'about' section, it will allow users that you have attracted on social media, to be lead to your website. 

If your company is not present on social media, there are plenty of other ways to gain traffic to your website as discussed in this blog post. However, it will really boost your chances as social media is a hub of company information, and would be of great value to your business as it allows web users to engage and connect more with your company. Creating social media accounts for your company is super easy, so if you haven't already, give it a go and see what value it can have to you and your business! 


3) Blog


Blogging is a great tool for increasing traffic to your webiste. If your company decides to write blogs to educate web users on what you have been up to, what your company delivers and industry news, not only is it a great way of getting keywords into your website, but it also offers those who have landed upon them a path to your website. If they like what they read, they may be tempted to search your website further to identify what it is you offer that can help them. 

Blogging and social media also go nicely hand in hand. Uploading the links to your blogs on social media encourages more engagement with your content with web users, and has more opportunites for web users to share your content with their connections. This spreads the word of your company and increases the chances for more web users to visit your website. With tools such as Hootsuite available to use, you can schedule when and where you would like to share your blogs, and at what times you are more likely to recieve a higher interaction rate. 


4) Site Responsiveness 


This may seem like an obvious one, but if your website is slow to load, unorganised or confusing to use, this will impact the amount of traffic that is coming through to your website. If web users find it difficult to naviagte your website, they won't hang around any longer than they need to and may from then on rely on other resources to find out information about your company. Make sure that your website is responsive, engaging and inviting so that when visitors arrive on your site, they will want to stay, return and share it with others. 


5) Images


Images are a huge and important deal when it comes to increasing the traffic to your website. You may be thinking, how can something so minor play such a huge part? Well, let me explain.

Research has found that content that has an associated image with it for every 75-100 words written, is shared almost twice as much than content that doesn't. So whether these images are put on your social media accounts, blogs or website, they are crucial for reader understanding, digesting and sharing! It may seem a little too simple and easy, but the results speak for themselves. Web users love images, and if using images is what gets your content shared, then sit back and watch your website traffic numbers go up and up! 

So there it is, our quick 5 tip guide as to how you can increase your website traffic without having to pay a penny! We hope that this has proved useful for you and your business. 

If you have any other questions about Increasing your companies Website Traffic or would like to see how we can help, please feel free to contact us on , or alternatively call us on 01702 410663.  

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