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How can I promote my Website?

 Why is the success of your website important? It is the first thing that customers will look at if they are interested in your company. It is vital to keep it updated. A successful website leads to a successful company!

1. Use Directories

What is a directory? Put simply, it is a type of Search Engine Optimisation. It attracts more visitors to your website. If you want your website to have more visitors, this is the route to go!

However, it is important that all the information in the Directories is exactly the same. If not, visitors will be confused. There's nothing worse than not knowing who to contact!  How would you know which phone number to call?

What this can lead to:


  • More visitors
  • Conversion to a Lead
  • Higher use of CTAs
  • More conversion paths
  • Further communication via email

2. Social Media Marketing


Everyone uses social media, show people what you offer! Make people want to read your social media accounts.

How to improve your social media:


  • Create blogs daily
  • Communicate
  • Share photos


3. Use Google

Ranking on Google promotes your website, it increases the chances of it being viewed.  Do you want to be viewed first on Google?

What does Google do?
  • Uses crawlers to access information
  • Formulates data into a Google search
  • Ranks your Website using algorithms

4. Improve your SEO

Have links to high domain authorities (Yell, Yelp and Bing). A visitor is more likely to trust your website if it is linked to these high domains. Would you search a business on Bing or a individual company you found online? This is an example of trust link building, it shows that your site is worthy of citation.


5. Share

Have you ever been in the situation where you aren't getting the amount of likes you expected? Have you ever made your webpage and discovered that no one is following you? The best way to become well known is by sharing! Most people trust what individuals say over brands. If someone they know trusts you, they will trust you.

We at 07 Heaven Marketing update our website regularly to make sure it is on trend and engaging to our visitors. Connect with your followers and advertise your website on directories. Follow these 5 steps and you will be on the road to success.

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