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Hashtags: How Important Are They For My Social Media?

Social media has quickly become an important part of nearly everyone’s day to day life. With social media comes hashtags. Hashtags are the # symbol on your keyboard. Some of you may be thinking ‘Hashtags? How can a symbol resembling a waffle help my business?’ Listen up because we are about to tell you how that waffle symbol can revolutionise your social media profile.

What are they?

Hashtags are a keyword or phrase preceded by the # symbol. Hashtags are used for posts that you want to appear when said hashtags are searched by users. For example; you share an image of your iced latte on your Instagram. You include the following hashtag in your post description, #icedlatte. This allows others, regardless if they are your follower or not, who want to see iced latte pictures to see your post.

Hashtags can also be brand specific keywords/phrases. For example; here at 07 Heaven Digital Marketing, we use #07HeavenResponds in our question and answer posts. This makes the hashtag unique and memorable so that audiences only find us on that hashtag search. Brand specific hashtags are also useful in competitions hosted on social media, spreading the brand name whilst entering into the competition.

IMPORTANT: Your posts which include hashtags will not appear in search results if you have a private account. Therefore if you want to utilise the reach that hashtags have, make sure to set your profile to public!

Why should you use them?

Your posts will no longer be limited to just your followers. The use of hashtags allows your brand to reach more people, potentially broadening your target audience! Due to users having to personally search hashtags, they will most likely be interested in the topic. This makes them a more reliable and good quality visitor. However, with all social media techniques, it is important to know many people use the same techniques, this is where hashtags need to become more specified and smart.

Do not always go for the obvious hashtag as there will be thousands, sometimes millions of results, making it hard for your post to be seen. Be smart with your hashtags, aim to use hashtags with a lower result number, but still high enough to appeal to masses. By doing this you increase your chances of appearing higher in the search results.

How to use them wisely

Short and snappy- It can be like trying to decipher morse code if the hashtag is too long. #ItBecomesTooComplicatedForTheSearcherToRead, this will ultimately put the visitor off and could tarnish your brand identity.

Do not overuse - The number of hashtags that can be used for a singular post will vary per social media platform. However, just because you will be allowed X amount of hashtags does not mean #you #should #hashtag #every #word #in #the #post, only hashtag important keywords you want to appear for.

Be strategic - As mentioned above, if the hashtag is extremely popular your post/page will often be ignored. Researching hashtags is a good way of deciding which hashtags will work best for you and your brand.

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