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RESOURCES > Google AdWords VS AdWords Express: What you need to know?

Google AdWords VS AdWords Express: What you need to know?

Google AdWords VS AdWords Express, Everything A Small Business Should Know


As a small business, it can be hard to determine what it is exactly you should be doing with your advertising. You may have heard the term search engine marketing and have researched it, resulting in stumbling across Google AdWords. For some, the process looks simple enough and you cannot wait to start publishing ads, but for others, the tool appears complicated, confusing and unable to be used. Therefore, Google created Google AdWords Express which aims to be as simple as possible so that ANYONE can publish an advert without any complications.

In this blog, we explain the differences between the two so that you can make the best decision for your business’ advertising strategy.

AdWords Overview

This is an advertising option that gives the user FULL control over ad campaigns, including access to ad formats, settings, features and strategies.

Benefits include:

  • - Payment is only taken when the ad is clicked/used
  • - You choose the keywords
  • - You set bid prices
  • - You choose the overall structure of your account
  • - Can utilise special ad formats
  • - Access to detailed ad reports

How it works:

When a user searches for keywords that you outlined as points of interest, whether that be on Google, Google Maps or any other partner site, your ad will appear either above or below the organic results. (By organic we mean results that have NOT been paid for, they naturally appear as a result of search engine optimisation, SEO.)

When using Google Ads you are fully responsible for ALL aspects of the advertising campaign.

AdWords Express Overview

This is a version of Google Adwords that has been specially developed for small businesses or those with little to no advertising knowledge to help their brand be discovered on Google. They developed an advertising technology that is smart and strategic in order to bring you results based on your outlined goal, e.g. calls, visits or actions.

The entire process is simple, quick and easy to use. Google does all the hard work for you in order for you to meet your goal, including maintenance, strategy and measurements.

Benefits include:

- Payment is only taken when the ad is clicked/used

- Minimal management on user behalf

- Minimal knowledge of the tool or advertising required

How it works:

You will provide content such as the Header, Subheader and Description, then Google will do the rest, showing your ad when someone searches keywords/phrases that relate to your business and advert. These adverts appear either above or below organic search results.

Simply set up an account, set a budget and outline what type of business you are. Google will create a list of search phrases that they believe relate to your business and will use them to trigger your ad to appear. They will then maintain and update where necessary in order to have the best possible result from your advert.

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