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15 Ways To Get More Likes On A Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Pages are an amazing way for you to reach a large target audience for free. But how do you increase your number of likes and followers, ultimately creating a page that customers love engaging with? We have written this blog to show you 15 ways to get more likes on a Facebook Business Page.

What is a Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook Business Page is a free Facebook feature that allows a business to create a dedicated page focused solely on their business. It acts as a hub of information for your business allowing the owner to list important bits of information and keep their followers updated with relevant news.

A Facebook Business Page is an incredible opportunity for any business to increase their brand awareness through amassing a following as well as increasing their potential to generate sales through targeted marketing.

If have not created a Facebook Business Page and need some help doing so check out our downloadable PDF below:

New call-to-action


Get More Likes On A Facebook Business Page

If you are a social whizz and have a page already, check out our 15 sure fire ways to get more likes on a Facebook Business Page:


1) Optimise your page

The first step to get more likes is ensuring that you Facebook Business Page is fully optimised. A fully optimised page is far more likely to convince a visitor that your page is worth and like and a follow.

Look at our tips below on how you can optimise your page:

Use a consistent business name.

Use consistent business information across your website and all social platforms including address, phone number and opening hours.

Personalise your pages URL.

Complete your profile set up.

Use branded cover photos.

Use your logo as your profile picture.

Add a CTA button on your page.


Optimised Facebook Business Page


2) Create Engaging Content

In January 1996, Bill Gates wrote and essay titled “Content is King”. It is near enough 25 years later, and he could not be more correct. Content is king. To increase the number of likes on a Facebook page, it is vital that you are posting engaging content that captures the readers eye and prompts and interaction.

To do this try including some form of Call-To-Action in your post. A Call-To-Action is specifically designed to convince your consumer to act after seeing your content. This may simply be too like or share the post or could go as far as asking them to download something.

Another element to creating engaging content is the length of your post. In 2020, it is recommended not to just post an update with text alone. Using images, infographics and videos will increase your follower’s engagement (we will come onto these in a minute). However, if you are including text be wary of the length of your post. Although on some occasions you may need to include a descriptive piece, the general rule of thumb is short is better. Keeping short and sweet means you have no chance of losing your readers attention.


Content is King


3) Use Images

Visual content is a must for your business pages timeline. Images receive a much higher engagement rate than text alone. This is because images are more pleasing to the eye than large blocks of text.

Using images increasing the chances of a consumer liking your post and sharing your content on their timeline. By maximising your chances of having your content shared you are increasing you potential of getting ore likes on your page.

4) Use Infographics

Another great visual for followers is an infographic. Infographics are like a photo; however, they are created with a purpose of solving a problem for the user. A great example of an infographic is a 5-step process on how to make scrambled eggs. Infographics are perfect for helping to present text in an attractive and visually pleasing way, whilst still communicating key points.

5) Use Videos

Videos are potentially more effective than both images and infographics. According to Hootsuit, the average engagement rate for Facebook video posts is 6.13%, when the average engagement rate overall is just 3.65%. That is an increase of over 3%.

You do not need a Hollywood team to produce high-quality video, all you need is a smartphone and a steady hand!


Facebook Video gets your more likes


6) Post Live Content

Interacting with your community is the perfect way to get more likes on a Facebook Business Page. You can do this by going live using Facebook Live. Great opportunities to use the Facebook Live feature include videoing a networking conference or a webinar Q&A.

By going live, you are increasing the authenticity of your brand and ensuring you are at the forefront of your consumer mind within your niche.

7) Host A Competition

Everyone loves the opportunity to win something. Whether the prize is big or small it does not matter. Hosting a competition is an effective way in convincing a visitor to your business page to like and follow you.

By putting certain stipulations, you can ensure that you are getting the likes and interactions that you are looking for. Check out the post below as an example:

Competiton to get more likes on your facebook business page


8) Engage With Your Audience

Social media is amazing as it offers a platform for businesses to easily interact with their target market in real time. To increase your Facebook Business Page's likes you should constantly be interacting and engaging with your followers. This includes publicly responding to comments, tagging relevant profiles and replying to messages. You can also interact with other pages within your community to draw attention away from your competitors.

9) Promote Your Page… Everywhere

You should promote your page everywhere and anywhere, at any opportunity that you get. Although it is a Facebook page, you should not restrict your promotion strategies to Facebook alone.

By sharing your page on your other social channels, your website, and your blog, you are increasing your potential audience and therefore increasing the chances of someone liking your page.

10) Join Facebook Communities

Community Pages are a new type of Facebook Page dedicated to a topic or experience that is owned collectively by the community connected to it.

By joining a community, you can reach like-minded individuals within your target market, establishing your page as a thought leader within your industry. Once you are well known within the community, you can use emails or inboxes to invite likes to your page.


Get more likes on a Facebook business page through communities


11) Use The Facebook Page Plugin

The Facebook Page Plugin is an easy way for visitors to interact with your Facebook page from your website. You can include the plugin on Landing Pages and Blog pages.

The plugin helps increase likes on your page as it acts as an easy way for a user to visit your social platform, when they are already aware of your brand, and hopefully just digested some awesome content.


12) Use Your Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics tracks likes, page views, and many more features. It tells you who your audience is and how they are interacting with your page. By closely monitoring your analytics you can work out what posts perform well and what gets your pages the most likes. By finding this out you can create a targeted strategy that maximises your efforts.


13) Use Facebook ads

Facebook has an amazing Ad feature that allows you to promote your page or specific posts from your page. In the grand scheme of marketing, Facebook Ads is not that expensive and if done correctly can be an amazingly effective way of reaching a targeted audience.

Facebook Ads operate in the same way as Google Ads. You create adverts in which you only pay if a user clicks on the advert. This makes it easy to control your budget and allows you to see the instant ROI from the money you are spending.


Facebook Business Page Adverts


14) Use the 80/20 Rule

What do we mean by the 80/20 rule? 80% non-promotional content, 20% promotional content.

Social media is a place for informality, users want to see the personal side of your brand. They do not want to follow a purely 'salesy' page, make sure you have balance and are strategic.


15) Humanise your brand

As mentioned above, the 80% of non-promotional content should include content that helps personalise and humanise your brand. Just as consumers do not want to only see sales focus posts, they also want to see the fun side of a business.

Why not show your followers the behind the scenes, the office dogs, the company lunch, or a funny meme? It does not need to be so corporate all the time.

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