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Why You Need To Embed Facebook Chat Plugin

Did you know Facebook has over 1.2 billion active monthly users? It has become a part of nearly everyone’s daily lives, therefore whenever Facebook announces a new feature we know it is going to shake the world, especially the marketing industry. As the platform has progressed from a purely social network to a promotion place for businesses to market to their customers, they have implemented a range of methods to push visitors to engage with a brand- the chat plugin seems to seal that deal.

Previous attempts at the way of communicating meant it was hard to have a continuous conversation or even drove users away from the site… but no more! Messenger 2.2 seems to solve all of your website chat button problems.

Although the option has been available for a while now, not everyone knows the benefits. Hence the reason as to why we made this blog, to help you with your website development journey! Keep reading to find out more.


The plugin means customers do not need to leave your website in order to chat with you. This is a huge development for websites as your site is the key (or should be!) to converting visitors into leads, leads into customers, customers into promoters. Before, chat applications provided a lot of hassle for customers to talk to brands, but the FB plug seems to remove this by providing easy and clear options to communicate. Most users will already be logged into Facebook, therefore no need to fill out copious personal information boxes, they come mostly prefilled allowing the user to get straight to the point.

No. 2

You will receive better communication with customers through a live chat rather than through emails. The offer of instantaneous talking is highly beneficial for customers, if they have to wait ‘3-5 business days for a response’ they will most likely abandon ship and go to someone else who can instantly resolve their problem. Most visitors are on the internet to solve a problem, the quicker you can provide a solution the more competitive edge you will have.

No. 3

Did you know when you chat with a visitor on your website, they will be urged to subscribe to a list? This list is similar to an email list in regards to sending a group of people 1 message, this can include marketing and sales methods. People will be more likely to open a message in their FB inbox than an email, meaning you can appeal to people easier. It has been seen to have higher open and click-through rates than emails, revolutionary!

No. 4

Similar to point no.1, FB will provide you with information about the visitor. For example their name, location, gender, language preferences etc. This will enable you to become more personalised and considerate, making it a more pleasant experience for the user. Another benefit of this is that you are able to clearly see the demographics of those who want to engage with your site.

No. 5

All that occurs in this chat box is saved. This is AMAZING as you can add this information to their profile and have accurate information about that person saved in your database. This will help in future with your marketing efforts to ensure you increase awareness, convert users into leads and improve sales results. You can also see the user's browser history with your window, providing valuable insight into how and why the visitor is engaging with you. For example, you may see they are particularly interested in the weight loss section of your website, therefore you can send them extra offers and valuable resources to convince them to purchase.

No. 6

A website which receives thousands or sometimes millions of views per day will mean the visitors most probably are asking similar questions. The messenger plugin allows you to have an automated response which can be particularly useful for answering FAQs, allowing you to save time and resources for your business. Instant answers can be a struggle as employing someone for 24 hours a day can be unrealistic or unachievable, the automation saves this problem!

No. 7

The messenger option is a great way to gain feedback from customers, a more subtle survey option. Especially if you have had a great interaction with a customer, they will be more likely to fill out a 5-minute survey. Direct responses from customers/visitors are vital for your business as it can develop strategies, goals and expectations of the business as you are directly hearing from the people that matter.

Other benefits include:

  • Users and your business can send multimedia (images, videos, voice, files)
  • Users can share their location
  • Users can pay with 1 tap
  • Your name will be in their messenger box, providing a constant reminder of your presence
  • Another chance to get them onto your marketing list
  • Help with your segmentation/priorities
  • The plugin is free!

If you would like more information about Facebook’s chat plugin and the benefits available to you and your business, please do not hesitate to contact us- Give us a call on 01702 410663 or email us at today!

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