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Elementor Plugin: How It Can Benefit Your WordPress Site

Did you know Elementor is the #1 WordPress page builder? Yep, you heard it, it has over 900,000 users which benefit from the ease of design as well as being free! Free software is always great. There is the option to pay a price in order to gain even more benefits, this makes it ideal for anyone with any budget.

The free option offers limitless design possibilities, However, the Pro version (which has an attached price) provides you with even more professional tools which ultimately speed your production rate, increases conversions and improves sales.

There are many benefits to using the Elementor plugin, not only is it a lot faster than other design software which mean you have to drag, drop and wait to see results- Elementor provides instant results for your site. Business is fast-paced, therefore having software which is quick as well as reliable is a must. It was Elementor who became the first free and open page builder which included an endless list of design features which you can utilise, they recognise the need for ease of design.

Easy use is key regardless of whether you are a newbie or veteran of web design, each control has been made with user experience in mind. Not only does easy use mean anyone can use it, it also means quicker turnaround as tasks can be completed a lot quicker than previously thought. Another reason as to how Elementor is so easy to use is that there is no need for coding, if you are not a pro at coding we can hear your cheers and applause. It is often a necessity in the process of web design- but no more! It is because of the resulting page code being compact and already optimised for any device and screen.

Another benefit of Elementor is that it can be used on ANY page of your site, whether that be a landing page, thank you page, homepage, blog page, product page, review page- the list goes on! With this plugin, you can change themes but keep all your designs, a must for any business’ website.

The list of options to drag and drop is impressive, here is only a few of the options which you can add to any of your site pages:

  • Posts
  • Slides
  • Log in
  • Animated headline
  • Price table
  • Call to action
  • Testimonial carousel
  • Share buttons
  • Facebook button
  • Search
  • Post navigation
  • Comments
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Template

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