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E-commerce Websites: How To Minimise Cart Abandonment

On average, 68.63% of carts are abandoned before checkout. This is a scary figure for any e-commerce website as this is where the revenue resides, in the online transactions of new or repeat customers. Due to the figure being over half, it is important that you highlight the problem and implement a plan to resolve the issue as quickly as possible- your business’ future relies on it. It is essential you include cart abandonment analysis into your marketing strategy and plan to ensure you are converting as many customers as possible. With you in mind, we have collated the top issues e-commerce sites face which contribute to their cart abandonment scores- keep reading to find out.

Complicated checkout process - Your customers want a smooth, simple and quick check out process. They have spent the majority of their time on site looking at your products, they will not want to spend a further 10 minutes ploughing their way through multiple questions, options and security processes. You will need to ensure your checkout is able to take all necessary information in the smallest amount of time possible. If you can half your checkout time you will definitely reap the benefits.

Unforeseen shipping costs - We are sure you can understand the struggle of an unexpected shipping cost whilst your cart is already packed and expensive. Although a £3 delivery charge on top of a £150 cart cost does not sound a lot, to customers you might as well be asking them to be pay £300 for their goods to be delivered. Why not provide discounts or offers in order to receive cheaper or free delivery prices? This could also act as a call-to-action to encourage users to purchase on your website. Always make the delivery options readily available to visitors, why not include it on your product page like well-known fashion brand New Look.

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They also include it on their cart page, constantly making the prices available to customers.

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As well as in their checkout process.

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Account creation - The option of creating an account is highly useful for you and for your repeat customers, but this can be time-consuming for those who want a quick purchase. Ensure you offer the option to create an account or order as a guest because some customers quit their purchase as they simply do not have the time to fill in an account form. If you really want to push for visitors to create an account, why not provide an incentive. For example, a 10% off code, a free starter kit for orders over £50, 20% off code for them and a friend- all will make the user more likely to take the time to create an account.

Total cost - Money is often a sensitive topic, nobody likes a surprising total at the end just as they are about to click order. This surprise total will often cause customers to halt their purchasing journey. Whenever they add something to the cart, allow the individual product price to be seen as well as the total cost for that transaction. By allowing the customer to constantly be informed of the price they will feel better going through with their purchase.

Too small time limits - The same way some customers want a quick checkout process, some like to take their time in deciding on which products they would like. Most providers create a time limit on how long the products stay in basket or limited checkout time. Allow plenty of time for users to utilise, or apply the option of ‘save for later’, meaning less pressure on the user, therefore, is less likely to physically abandon or be forced to quit.

Payment options are not varied enough - Everyone has their preferred method of payment, with a variety of options available it is essential you can allow as many methods as possible. If you cannot supply a large range of options, make sure to include the most popular so that the majority of your customers are able to complete their order successfully.

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